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  1. Oh, I have to take that back. College bf, whom I dated two years post grad, got a woman pregnant while HE was off at grad school and somehow forgot to tell me. He married her and is still married. All other "loves" ---- are still single. Twenty-ish years later. And they aren't gay either!
  2. Noooo. They are disgusting, vile creatures. Dumb as rocks and full of fleas.
  3. That's good. Because any man who has dated me for any significant amount of time....has never married!
  4. He married 18 months ago. To a woman he had dated for 10 years.
  5. We actually thought of marketing my brother years ago: Date JK and marry the next guy. Seemed every woman he broke up with married the next guy she dated. My brother owns own company, avid golfer, skier, volunteers with handicapped and looks like Richard Gere. Took him until 45 to find the woman he would marry.
  6. I didn't say anything like that. That is what you heard. I said "outside validation is one of your issues". That you don't think that YOU are good enough ----- you need others to validate it. You KNOW you are on the right track. Outside validation isn't necessary to confirm it. It's great when people notice. But what you said was "I could really use some affirmations".
  7. God bless journeynow, always finding the silver lining.
  8. Be careful. OUTSIDE validation is one of your issues. Be joyous that you are making the mental turns to embrace the gym and better eating and that the only person that needs to be impressed....is YOU>
  9. Wild turkies in my yard...like 20 of them. Digging the grass up at the roots and crapping everywhere.
  10. Baked chicken and a greek salad ---- at home. With boyfriend who ate the same thing, and followed it with a brownie sundae. So WHY DID I WAKE UP AT 2AM WITH FOOD POISONING!!!!!!!!
  11. Very true. I had actually just come back from sailing the coast of Scotland when my boyfriend asked me out for the first time. And one of the reasons he later told me was because I seemed to enjoy my life so much and he wanted to be a part of it.
  12. Thanks...you're right. My body is tired but my mind doesn't have an off switch. Guess I'll pour some Johnny Black on it!
  13. I wish there was a "I wish I had never posted in this thread button". I hereby vow to read more and post less.
  14. Why is it when I go to bed, I cannot sleep ---even if I am tired. And when I wake up --- all I can think of is going back to sleep (within 3 hrs of being up). And naps --- HA!@
  15. Next time she will put "Chevy with crazy lady" on it.
  16. Simple law of physics: a body in motion stays in motion. A body at rest stays at rest. Keep you body AND mind...in motion.
  17. There isn't a better or worse --- the world needs both. She appreciates my logic and clear cut concise. I appreciate her ability to think in the abstract, to envision this world as a better place and to put her efforts into it happening. (She belongs to a think tank on the West Coast)
  18. I am a logical thinker. Analysis, linear --- you get the picture. My sister is like you --- she thinks like a scatter plot diagram. Everything relates, but sometimes it takes me a few minutes to see the connection. I have also asked her, when we speak in person, to raise her hand when she changes topics in mid sentence/conversation.
  19. I will say, while I enjoy the ITIC channel ---- it is sometimes difficult to follow the story line and plot twists. Regardless, your journey is yours and it is clearly a challenging one that you attack with determination and spice!
  20. Some hard work. Self esteem is built by "success". Success is built by dedication to training. If you were an athlete, you would train every day to run a marathon, by eating right, and strength training and running. You are training for a marathon as well. Your goal is to be centered and balanced, emotionally healthy. And it is definitely possible. How do you do it? AlCoA meetings. Eating right. Exercising. Reading about changing your negative thinking. It's your marathon. It won't happen in a few days or weeks. So focus on your training and stop looking at the finish line and wondering if you will medal. All this calls for is a "personal best effort".
  21. You don't want to be on a pedestal --- because inevitably, you will fall. You want trust and respect. You want admiration for your strengths, and acceptance of your weaknesses. In order to get what you give --- you have to feel you are worth it. And, deep down, you don't. You should focus on taking the "romanticism" out of your view. Relationships are wonderful and a great addition to your life. But, your pattern is that you let them take over your life/focus.
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