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Ever wondered that your ex is in a rebound to draw you back?


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Just over a year ago, my EX and I broke up. It was an unclear thing who broke up with who. As for me I was over her flakey jealous behaviour and continuous drama after 5 years. We had broken up before, a few times and I had done the begging back. But not this time. I just couldn't lose dignity any more. So I took a stand and said enough.


6 Weeks later she was "In a Relationship" I once mentioned I didn't like the attention he was paying her. I wasn't overly concerned at the time but she was flaking at me not being jealous, so I gave her a win.


Immediately she put on the "Drama Show". You know, the show the ex puts on to show she is over the relationship. I didn't bite and was building my Alpha back up and started to feel strong.

I am sure that it must have stung as previously she had put the Drama Show" on, I had come running back.

She has a narcissist streak in her and it's right down this path.


After 11 months a friend of mine came over and told me she stalked her FB and it's out that she's now engaged.

I moved on with a wonderful woman in June this year and didn't do any show or put it out there.


The ex and I were engaged after 4 years, and broke up some 9 months later. (I can't help but feel I was a rebound to stick it to her ex husband in hindsight)

And now I can't help but feel she's just trying to stick it to either me or again her Ex Husband.


I have been NC since the night of the break up and she immediately did as well. That's her routine. I cannot believe it for the life of me that this guy is some magical spell. He's a dweeb.



I have had 2 ex's come back to me and begged my return since this break up, one of 18 years and mother of my children (who was looper than my ex) We broke up 6 years ago and one from before that. Both have said to me quote "There is nobody like you" , "your the catch, she's an idiot" "you never know what you have until you lose them". Small comfort now as I no longer love them like that. As a matter of fact, all my exes since I was 16,would give me a reference and at one stage or another wanted me back.


I have read all the mind game stuff and how to get your ex back and she's done it all. I am tired of it.


Yes I know, not very Alpha of me, but for the last year, I have been really screwed up (Privately)


Any thoughts. I just feel she is doing this to draw me out of NC.

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My thoughts are that if this is in any way bothering you then you aren't over her. You are still analysing her behaviour and that speaks volumes. So does the title of this thread.


You both have to move on with your lives and that will eventually mean meeting someone else and maybe settling down so what specifically makes you think that she has got engaged to play mind games and not because she wants to or is ready to? You haven't been together for over a year now so why would you assume that she has announced it on FB just for show and not for the reasons that many of us would do?


If her actions are bothering you then why make yourself privy to them? Why not cut all ties so that you don't know what is going on in your own life and focus on your new relationship?

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I agree with Little^^......


You are 'letting' these facts get to you.. and why? IF you're not over her, then maybe you shld look at giving your new relation a bit of a break?

It is always best to be able to move on whole heartedly. NOT still pining over an ex.


Is she doing this to try n rub it in your face? Possibly.. some do that. But all she's being now is a *****. You don't need this.. so tell your friend you do NOT want to hear any more about her. as you are done with her.. right?

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Not very Alpha of you if you're bothered by it enough to post on ENA forums... I think you think she is way more into you than she really is. Maybe she found happiness with this new guy. Who cares, she's your ex and as you said, you're with someone new now, so don't waste any head real estate on her. Focus on your girl, love her, care for her, and be a good guy.


I say this because I've let past exs get to me in a new relationship and it was never good.

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