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  1. Just started reading... The Synchronicity Key by David Wilcock.
  2. Reading the book Dyatlov Pass by Alan.K.Baker. It's a fictional book set around the true story of the Dyatlov Pass Incident.
  3. coombe's wood by Lisa Hinsley. It's a kindle book & I only paid £1.95 for it but it's not the best i've read. Can't really grumble though for under 2 quid.
  4. I like a bit of both. I mainly read non fiction the likes of Koontz, King etc but if I see a non fiction book that grabs my attention then i'll buy it. I find I tend to be drawn to non fiction books that have a bit of mystery about them. The last non fiction I read was missing 411 about the unusual disappearances of people in the wilds of the US. It was quite a chilling read, very sad at times.
  5. missing 411 by David Paulides a book about the unusual disappearances of people in the wilds of the US.
  6. Sounds like your ex has some commitment issues. They do sabotage things & do everything they can to stop the relationship from moving forward in a healthy way. Google commitment phobia there are some good articles on it. May just give you that aha moment.
  7. Hey guys keep being strong, it does get better truly it does. The pain & thinking about them every day will leave. Believe in it, believe in yourselves. ((((hugs))))
  8. " YOU CANNOT CHANGE SOMEONE JUST BECAUSE YOU LOVE THEM. They have to do this themselves. If you expect them to do it for you, you AGAIN are fooling yourself. In order for someone to change, they have to WANT to change without the pressure of “Change or I will abandon you.” Natural occurring change happens over time, not day; not weeks. People do not change despite what they tell you. They change naturally because they see what it is they need to improve about themselves, NOT because you told them to. If you allow someone back in your life that says they have changed, looks like they have changed but hasn’t…you will be right back where you started soon enough. Don’t give people credit until they earn it. " ^ ^ ^ love this, so true. Great post
  9. What would your ex think if she read this post?? She would think "yes! I've brought him to his knees, I've destroyed him".....use that negative & turn it into something positive. How many times in the past have you been with someone, broken up with them...then thought "I'll never find anyone like that again"?......only to find that you go out there & meet someone better. YOU will do that again. First you need to heal get yourself strong again, then get out there & find that person. I know it's hard what you are feeling right now, I have felt the same many times in this last year "I never deserved this" I gave nearly 5 years of my life to a commitmentphobic our relationship was doomed the very first night we got together. I wanted it to work, while he, on the other hand was doing everything he could to sabotage it. It's a bitter, bitter experience to swallow, but the very thing that keeps me pushing on is the need to show him as well as myself is that he hasn't won, he hasn't destroyed me or the good that is inside me. I KNOW that when I'm fully healed I will meet someone who was everything that he wasn't. YOU HAVE to keep that faith & hope, they have taken a lot from you, don't let them take that too.
  10. wow great story. I wonder if anyone else has ran into their ex here on ENA?
  11. It's a great feeling when the weight has been lifted off, I felt like that when I ended the relationship almost euphoric
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