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Lately ive been struggling with missing her and dealing with the loneliness. Coming home to an empty house, not getting calls or texts with her asking when im coming home or if i can pick something up from the store.....sigh. Wondering what she is doing, if she is thinking about me and missing the little family we had with our dog. Wondering if she loves another like she once loved me or if she is just living it up while im just laying low and recovering from the pain she has inflicted on me. Its only been a couple weeks NC and she previously reached out everytime but maybe she wont anymore. Im sure its for the best. This is definitely the lonliest i have felt in my life and i think this will make me much stronger in the end. I love her still but i can also re cognize her faults and why this had to happen. I like to think that she will realize that no one can treat her like i did and no guy she has met measures up. In fact i know this as im a catch and she always reiterated how lucky she was to have me and how she didnt deserve me. She has changed but she will remember eventually and by then i hope to be healed and no longer yearning for her. Needed to get my feelings out today and even as im still writing this i feel 10x better. If anyone reading this feels this way, get it out and u will feel much better.

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Lots of lonliness here too. Many of us have that, here. Lost something VERY dear to our hearts. Feelings of loss, sadness and often tears...

One day at a time. Some days may be half tolerable, other days will be awful. It's how it goes.. in waves.

It will take some time to accept and move on.


Take care of yourself... and stick around. You're not alone

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