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bI been dating this girl for a year, before i get started let me describe her, A husband that died 2 years ago of a drug overdose. Shes bi-polar, Drug addict, Shes hooked on crack cocaine and from experience thats not the best stuff for ya. But shes staying with her mother and father in law at the moment and they want her out. The year we have been together we have seen eachother alot, never went out without seeing eachoter, like 3 weeks ago she left me like 3 days for this retarded guy, i dont know what the deal was about that but i forgot about it and forgave. Even though it still bubbles up in my stomach and it hurts unbelievable, but during the past 3 weeks ive probably talked to her 4 times total. She stays gone constant. I dont know whether shes on the drugs or if shes really at the place shes telling me. I believe im over reacting to my own emotions. Because to be honest with ya even tho she is out cheatin gettin all doped up. I still have this ache in my chest and the love in my mind. I miss the heck outta her and i dont know what to do or what to say. What to offer for her to striaghten herself out. What do i say to this girl that will open her eyes and make her realize she has someone sitting here who is seriously in love with her and wants to do right in life. Doesnt want drugs, doesnt want cheating, doesnt want lies and hurt....?????? help!!

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Unfortunatley shes not available for anyone with that problem.


If she got straight it would take mabey a year or so for her to have the room in her life to take on a serious relationship.


I think shes lucky to have someone in her troubled time who cares about her BUT I think I would back off, its a terrible situation and you dont want to hang out with that sort of croud.


Get a nice girlfriend who can support you too.


Good luck

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