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Phew- had the house appraisal yesterday which involved much cleaning beforehand. It's nice to have a clean house!


Once school is out I am going to get my sons to help me clear out some stuff and we will have a garage sale.


I got all my letters of recommendation so I went ahead and submitted my résumé for a job as a classroom assistant. We will see if I get the job. I applied there last year and thought I would get the job but they hired someone with teaching credentials for the assistant position. Such is life in this economy.


We will see...

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Just found out my niece is in the hospital again. She tried to commit suicide by taking a bunch if pills. So glad it didn't work!


She is so bright and sweet and talented, and yet tormented by depression...


Saying prayers for my niece, my brother, and his family.

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Feeling a bit slumpy today.


In the process of refinancing the mortgage, they approved mt loan and were simply waiting for the results of the appraisal. The loan broker was so confidant that the market had turned around and that I had equity in the house, and he had rattled off a number if comps to support his theory.


So I paid the $550 for the appraisal, and I didn't have enough equity for the loan. Ack!


The only way it would work would be for me to pay mortgage insurance -$130 per month.


That would essentially make my payment the same as now. However it would put the mortgage under my own name rather than my ex husband's. He didn't mind having it under his name still for a while, but it complicates things for him if he wants to sell his current house and buy another. And it sounds like that is in the plans.


I have also been overwhelmed by other obligations for committees I am on- all good and important causes. But I somehow over booked myself. I need to step back and learn how to say no to new obligations.


I applied for a few new jobs. I have not heard whether they received my application and letters of recommendation. But I have a friend that had applied for a different position a few months ago and they didn't acknowledge having received her application for a few weeks.


She emailed them to ask if they received her app and all she got was a curt reply that yes, they had received her application with no other information.


So my friend, who lives out of town, asked me what I thought. I was working on a temporary project with the woman in charge of coordinating the search team, and I observed how snowed under she was with her regular work along with some crucial temporary projects that had looming deadlines. And somehow she had to fit in the employment search team on top of all of that. So that explained the curt response.


But- I knew that my friend would be a great fit for the new position- she had worked there before and had left for a better paying position in another part of the state. She decided to move back to this city.


The employment coordinator does not know my friend, because she started her job after my friend had already left. I thought my friend had a good chance at the job- unless they held a grudge that she had left. But I also know 2 other very competent women who are currently working there and who were also applying for the same position. I told my friend that, so she would understand the tight competition. What I did not tell my friend was that I thought one person in particular would get the position, since she has been part time in an assistant position but is really a certified teacher and a great one.


None of them got the job! They chose someone completely different! We are all shocked!


So now that brings me to the job I am trying for. My degree is in a peripherally related field, but I am a sub for the positions I am applying for. I tried last year for one position and thought it was a slam dunk. But they hired someone else. They asked if I would still be interested in substituting when needed and I said yes.


Now I have another year of subbing experience under my belt and they have two of the same positions open. So I applied for each of them. I am hopeful, but I realize that they have so many people applying that they will likely not choose me- not anything against me, but they have the luxury of being able to pick and choose among applicants that are over qualified who are simply trying to get their foot in the door.


We will see. I could surely use the money and health benefits- plus I really enjoy working there and would line it to be more permanent rather than on call.


In the meantime I am still nudging my sons to get their homework done and turned in. Next week is the last full week of school for my younger son. My older son has two graduation creremonies this week! One is for graduation from the international high school program, and then later in the week he graduates from his regular high school program. He has been trying to get his late schoolwork done and turned in- it is not like he can put it off until later and just get an incomplete. He is down to the wire!


My younger son's weekly grade report came via email last night and he has 6 language arts assignments that have not been turned in from the last two weeks and I am not happy!


I am so ready for summer where we can relax and just be...


Haven't heard how my niece is doing, but I did send her a card with a note written inside. It was one with a painting of a butterfly on the front- very appropriate since she is going through counseling and rehab. I think she will enjoy hearing from me.


In all of her hospitalizations my brother has never asked me to write to her, so I know he must have been shaken up this time around. I am so glad she is alive.


After I wrote her the note I addressed it and sealed it into the envelope. And then I held the envelope in my hands and prayed that the note take some sunshine and hope and most of all love to my niece. I prayed that she be healed and filled with strength and hope, and that she be guided to make healthy choices and for her to choose life. It went out in the mail yesterday.


Ugh. This morning I have to pay bills and I really have no money to do that.


I really need that job!

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It's a beautiful sun-shiny day here this morning! All of the birds in the neighborhood seemed to be full of song this morning!


My son had a really nice graduation ceremony for his school program last night. They spoke about each of the students as they graduated, and it was amazing to hear what each student did for their senior paper and where they are going next.


His regular graduation is on Thursday. So he still has classes and he still has tons of work to turn in this week.


As far as the refinance, my ex looked at my options. I was going to wait and try again later, but he thought that I should just go ahead with the one that had slightly higher rates. At this point I am more money strapped than I ever have been, due to some higher insurance rates and higher costs, so I decided to just get the other mortgage and be done with it. There is a certain level of closure to having my ex's name off the mortgage.


I still have not heard anything about the jobs I applied for. Not even acknowledgement that they received my application and resume. I am not surprised, but it would be nice to at least get a form letter so I know it was received.


I am going to send an email to check in with them to make sure they received it, and to say how interested I am in the position. And then I have to let it go.

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I forgot to add that my ex came by to get his graduation tickets from me and he said he is getting ready to move in with his gf. They have been together for 3 years. But she is vetoing much of his furniture from coming into her house. She just doesn't like how old it is, but he is "thrifty" and refuses to buy new. I wonder if the move in will happen...

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My son went to a graduation party last night, another one this afternoon, and he's been invited to three parties tomorrow and at least one on Sunday!


Somewhere in there he has to get his final schoolwork done or he will have to take a class this summer...

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I have a sinking feeling I won't get the job. I am bummed... They arranged for me to sub today and it was partly so the teacher could leave the classroom to interview candidates for the position I applied for. A bit insensitive on their part...


First the refinance issues, now this. Can't get a break these days!


If I don't get this job then I will have to start job hunting more intensively. So difficult to find work around here since it is a small town and a college town.

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I am in low spirits today- my fears are confirmed- I didn't get either job...


Even though I was pretty qualified, they found people that were even more qualified with more experience. I'm so disappointed- I had so much to offer.


Now I have to figure out what to do...

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Well the last thing from our divorce is done- I put the mortgage in my name today. The refinance didn't quite go as well as I had hoped, because in the end I had less equity in the house than we had all thought.


But- the rate is the same as we were paying before. I could have gotten better if I had more equity but I guess I am thankful they refinanced it at all. So my payment will be the same.


I really need a job...

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My son asked me if I would drive him over to a retirement home so he could apply for a dish washing job - hooray for him! Hope he gets the job...


I'm going to put in an application for a job at a preschool. Hope they feel I am qualified...


Oh - on the way home from taking my son to apply for that job- I took him out to an empty parking lot and got him to drive the truck around the parking lot. He has been avoiding learning to drive for a year!

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Haven't had time to write here much- I've been very busy co- running our church vacation bible school program. It ended last night and I think everyone had fun.


Otherwise not much else going on here-the boys are with their dad this week- and my youngest is actually at camp this week.


It finally got hot here today- it's been cool and rainy up until now. Now I need to make sure I water the two new trees we planted in the front

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VBS program is done! We did some classes for adults too - and I heard they did a great job. We didn't publiciseit very much at our church so we didn't have a lot of participants. But everyone that did come had a great time. Well except for one lady.


After we finished the celebration dinner and we were cleaning up this lady came up to ask for our evaluation form because she has some feedback. No complements, no comments or gratitude for all of the work we did, just "feedback".


Well we were just parent volunteers and this lady is a newly retired professor. So of course she had "feedback"...


My answer to her feedback is- I am appointing her to the committee for next year! Sheesh


My son stopped by to unpack his camp gear. He had a great time at camp- and it was youth leadership training! He did so well that they asked him to be a staff helper next year! Yes! Keep that boy busy and out of mischief...


My older son has been sleeping the day away at his dads. So mad that his dad has not pushed him to get a job...

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Tonight my son and a bunch of boys his age went for a bike ride in the park by the river. It was so hot today and I was hoping that it would be cooler- and it was, slightly...


Anyway we went 8 miles and it was so hard for me to keep up! But I did it!


To give you an idea if how out of shape I am- my bike was stored in the garage and it had two flat tires and spider webs on it! Time for me to start riding again!

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Lol I think I needed to proofread my post a little better... Sheesh!


Good to see you here, Silver- so sorry to hear about D's cancer. Hope he is as comfortable as he can be today. He is so lucky to have support from you and his daughter to help him through it all.

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So today I went for a walk by the river. A friend brought her dog and borrowed a life vest for it. Her dog is a lab and she is afraid of the water! Usually labs love the water!


Anyhow, she didn't mind getting her feet wet to go retrieve a stick, but if it was thrown too far out there was no way she would go out there to get it.


So my friend went into the water to reassure her and eventually (with lots of treats) she got her dog out into deeper water. Only for a little bit- and then she would come back on the shore.


Speaking of pets, my cat is hiding under the bed right now- too much noise from area fireworks- including some after the baseball game (the stadium is not too far away).


As far as my sore muscles, I already have had offers from 2 friends to go bike riding with me! So that ought to take care of those sore muscles. Eventually...


Tomorrow I will be working on the yard to cut down more blackberry vines - I need to fill up the yard debris bins again...


I have ingredients to make a blueberry peach pie for the boys to celebrate the holiday. I made one last week for the church bake sale and everyone raved about it.

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Hi Lumi and Thanks. D seems to be going well after having had his first chemo session on Thursday!


Oh. blackberry vines - well, I had a pet goat once and he at the blackberry vines all the way down. Come to think of it, he ate a LOT of things all the way down.


Yum, blueberry pie!

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So excited! My son passed his International Baccalaureate exams and so he will get the IB Diploma. He said that he thinks he qualifies for another scholarship because of that! That would be a true Godsend, because I was worried how we would find the money for his college...

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On vacation with my parents and my boys. We went down to the beach today and swam on the ocean. It was so refreshing and the water was fairly calm. Both boys went in too. And even my 92 year old mom.


My dad is 95 and he was so tired today that he stayed in bed most of the day.


My mom clearly has dementia and it has progressed since I last saw her at Christmas so I can see how they are both going downhill.


It is bittersweet- because I suspect this is the last time on vacation with them. I see big changes ahead for each of them- and likely a move to a retirement home and or a nursing home...


In the meantime I will enjoy these few days with them. And I am proud of my sons who have had wonderful manners and have been very helpful.


I am very very grateful to my sister who funded this trip.

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That is so nice Lumi. My mother went to a nursing home yesterday. She is 75 but has a lot of medical needs and she had nurses visiting her twice a day, but it was as though she had become a prisoner in her own home as she had to wait about for the nurses to give her meds and do other other things. The home she has gone to is meant to be very nice and close to my sister's home. I will go up and see her again in the next few months. We are being optimistic (and I think she is too). I think she will be happier and her health will improve. My sister will be able to take her home often. Mum has 4 daughters and 7 grandsons and she will get to see a lot of us. Well, I live 2 states away so she won't see as much of me, but she has her own phone so I will ring a lot.

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