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My Life- Thoughts and Happenings

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8 hours ago, luminousone said:

Hay Sera!

I have not been here in so long but I’m fine and I hope all is well with you.!

I’m working in person this year again, and now the school year is almost halfway through. I have been super tired from the cancer medication but otherwise the treatments are effective at keeping the cancer at bay.

I’ve been back at church in person too and I’m teaching Sunday School. But I still wear a mask at work and church because I am immune compromised with my treatments.

I still walk on Saturdays with my friend and her dog. Her dog is getting older so the pace is slower these days. But that works for me these days too.

Not much else going on - my oldest does love his home in Minneapolis and I went out there for a few days last summer to see him and to meet up with a few of my siblings. It was fun

Younger son is still doing his music thing and is living in his dad’s attic still.

So strange I thought of you as I fell asleep last night and today here you are ! I am glad you are ok and doing well!

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  • 5 months later...

It has been 6 months since I was last on here! I almost forgot my password…

Life has been busy - my cancer treatment is ongoing (and will be). The meds are working well at keeping the cancer at bay. But it zaps my energy levels. 

School is out now, so I have the summer to rest and recover. I told my admin that I will likely work just one more year and then retire, earlier than I had planned. That way I can spend more time on self care. We will see how I feel next spring!

Now that I’m on break, I have a list of deferred tasks that need to be done. My house and yard are a mess, so I have my work cut out for me!

But it was nice to sleep in this morning!

I also have a pile of books I want to read.

To catch you all up - my life rhythm is pretty much the same as it has been - work during the school year, walk every Saturday with my friend C (and her dog L, until a few weeks ago), church each week, and that’s about it.

The sad news - my friend’s dog, L, died suddenly from kidney failure just 3 weeks ago. Such a shock! She was 14 years old and I’ve known her for 13 years, as we have walked every Saturday together. My friend C is devastated, understandably. L was a sweet sweet soul.

My friend J came to visit last weekend so that was fun. She is still working this week - their school district doesn’t finish until this week.

Anyhow, good to be back. I’ll have to read up on others’ journals to catch up!


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22 minutes ago, Seraphim said:

Glad your life is going ok! You must be so glad to retire ! I am so so sorry about your friend’s dog. 😓

I would probably still work - but my body is so fatigued from the treatment. I go to bed at 8 most nights. Sometimes 7:30

My friend C is devastated. There wasn’t any hint that she was sick. I walked with them just 3 days before - about 4 miles! (Very slow paced because of me). So when she didn’t eat much a few days later, C just thought she had eaten something she shouldn’t, but took her to the vet just to be safe. When she found out there was zero kidney function, the vet offered to flush her system to prolong the inevitable or to euthanize right then. C didn’t want her to suffer.

The sadder thing about this is that her cat will likely die soon too. He has been having seizures the past 4 months. So I have been warning her that her cat might die soon too - just to get her prepared for that shock too.

We continue to walk and talk on Saturdays, but it feels weird without L. Last week we went to the Farmers Market instead.

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