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Today i talked to Mike...we sat down (i figured i owed that to him at least) not really but still i wanted too. After talking to my counselor about it today...she said to give it 2 months...without speaking..i knew that was probably the best idea..but i asked for 3 weeks...and she said whatever i was more comfortable with.


So anyways...My whole way home from school...i was trying to figure out when, if, how i was going to tell Mike that i didn't want contact for 3 weeks. When i got home however, i didnt really have it planned and he called..i wasn't expecting him to be home so soon...well we talked about it and he agreed. Thought i was crazy at 1st...but understood why i was doing it.


He also went on to say that what is three weeks when i put you thru 17 months of hell basically. I told him it will give me a chance to get my feet back on the ground...and start taking control of my life again....and for him to start doing the same.


I believe this will be a good thing...this will give me some time to do what i need to do to make myself stronger...and for him to look at the ways he needs to change. My councelor also said that if he is willing to meet you in 3 weeks...with a different attitude it will show how serious...or how unserious he really is about having you in his life...which i thought was a good point.


I can't tell you how wonderful it was to have a conversation with him...where i knew i was in complete control of my life. It was either he took it and accepted it or totally blew me off...But right now he is feeling guilty...time will tell how will much he really wants to work to change his life for the better....


Thank you all for all your support...i am so happy i found this website..it is amazing. and i will keep you all posted...on Me and how i am doing..and i will let you all know what happens in 3 weeks...when i see Mike again....


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