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Messed around on her new bf with me, so I passed along some pictures.

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I was involved with a girl for a year who was always tangled emotionally somehow with her ex boyfriend. Long after we broke up, she is now with someone new and doing the same thing with me (staying emotionally tangled). She led me on to believe that we were going to get back together, but played the 'just friends/I have a boyfriend card' whenever I tried to talk about it. She cheated on him with me. I was fed up with her needing me one minute and my jumping at the phone to her call, then the next day acting annoyed by me and ignoring my calls all day. So, out of anger and fairness to this other guy, I forwarded him pictures of her she sent me in the last two weeks. I filled him in (without too many details) about the emotional and sexual aspects his girlfriend was leading me (her ex) on with. Of course once I told her I wanted to do this, she suddenly had time to hear me out and explain/apologize for the way she's been, but by then it was too late.


Am I terrible? Was this wrong? And if so, should I apologize or just let her be?

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It is vengeful, if anything this should prove to you that neither of you love each other: she's by breaking your heart and dragging you along and you by not protecting her "reputation". Yes she is wrong for cheating, but if you loved her you would've walked away and let her deal with her life without trying to ruin anything.


I won't advise you to apologise, because what you did was done out of despise and cannot be taken back. I doubt she really cares about what the other guy thinks, well her cheating shows her lack of respect for him but the point you "betrayed" her.

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So when she was with you, she was cheating on you with her ex-boyfriend..and you knew about it. Now that she has another boyfriend she chose to cheat on him with you. Knowing that she cheated on you with her ex when you were with her, why did you choose to continue being with this poor excuse of a woman once this relationship was over and she was seeing someone else. What redeeming qualities could she actually have that would attract you to her in light of her revolting track record. You chose the bad girl and hoped she would somehow see the light. Squealing on her was not the best thing you could have done for yourself. Who cares about her, you owe her nothing. I wouldn't consider this kind of squealing necessarily wrong in that you should apologize to her. Why apologize to someone who treated you shabbily and treats her current boyfriend shabbily. She doesn't deserve an apology. However, what you should do is take the time to reflect on why you got caught up with this woman in the first place and why you weren't strong enough to walk away. By understanding why you chose the bad girl and why you chose to compromise your own values by getting involved in her cheating ways, you will be able to make improvements in yourself and avoid women like that and situations like that in the future.

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Not everyone is a saint, you did your thing, and that was that. You choose to be a part of that lifestyle, and you tried to get someone, who you met in that atmosphere, to take you serious when she associates you as part of that. If you want to have fun, thats your business, i wont demonize you for that. I have been there, and I am not losing sleep over it. But, i wouldnt point the finger, i dont see anything stable to hang on to, and i dont see anyone less guilty in it.


I did have a girl i was talking to lie to me when she said she was only involved with me. I caught her talking to someone else, and i texted the dude her text messages to me. I simply stopped talking to her because i wasnt interested in her after that.

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I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that while you were probably motivated by your anger at your ex, I totally think you did the right thing. The current bf has a right to be with someone monogamous and caring. I actually believe anyone who knows about cheating should consult the partner being cheated on, even when the other person wants to be in denial.


It just seems very 'blame the victim' to say that it's morally wrong to expose a cheater. It's an ugly situation all around but there usually is at least one innocent party who deserves much better, let's not lose sight of that.


In closing, don't apologize to that b. She sucks! You only want to apologize so that she won't distance herself from you. You are too close to the situation to see it for what it really is. Go NC

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I don't know if you what you did was wrong or not. I have no strong feelings either way.

But I don't think you should apologise to her (she doesn't deserve it) or the boyfriend (it's better that he knows).


You still need to keep away from this girl however. And what you did won't (necessarily) make her stay away, even tho I have a feeling that's what you were hoping to achieve.

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