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  1. Please, please, PLEASE go over the [url=" and post your best 10 artworks. It can be as simple as this page: [url=" You've got nothing to lose. Then come back here and share the link.
  2. Thanks. These are all good suggestions. My main issue is that I don't know any competitors. I don't see anyone the offering services that I envisage - where I see being able to add value. Yeah, to make something like this work, I think this is what I'm going to have to do. Thanks a lot for the advice.
  3. I don't have the training and knowledge to cut it in dedicated IT unit. I'm not fooling myself when it comes to that. But what I know about Word does exceed most "experts" and I've had experiences that confirm that. Plus no one calls IT for the kind of thing I'm talking about. I think this is the crux of the issue. I could easily be a private tutor - I have helped elderly people and I've taught classes to people lacking in basic skills. The gap I see is with people who can use an app but can't do any of the advanced functions or do things the hard way because they don't know
  4. I'm a power user of a number of workplace software. Years ago, I worked part time teaching evening classes in Word and Excel. As a result, people always turn to me for IT help - not the kind of help you get from helpdesk but help using actual programs. (I can also fix a lot of computer hardware problems.) I also have a lot of patience with people while they're having computer issues and showing them how to do what they're trying to do. How can I make this into a career? I'd like to be self-employed one day. This is one of my passions and I'd like to figure out I could turn this into a
  5. Do accounting part time. You may not be inspired by accounting but it sounds like it's only this past year's job that broke the camel's back. People always advise diversifying your income and having more than one work stream - in fact, some suggest 7 streams. Accountancy is a job that can easily be self-employed. I would not give up on a profession that could easily be one of those 7 streams. Tax time is coming up soon. Why not help people prepare their tax returns on the side. There's a company called Happy Tax that lets you become an independent contractor for $200. (I heard a
  6. You say you feel betrayed by the public but the public don't really know your situation. Regardless of whether your agency's budgets have been cut, it's management's responsibility to show leadership and figure out how to distribute resources and lighten the load. On one hand, you can stay. Most of us are inclined to even when a situation is intolerable. I would start looking for another job with better pay and conditions. If you stay or until you go, I would be asking more from management. As for the stress, negativity etc - everyday, try to forget the things you can't control a
  7. Tell yourself what you want. Her feelings for every new person is real. Real and short-lived. Again, tell yourself what you want. Hogwash! Have you listened to anything the other posters have said. She's the kind who comes on strong and fast in the beginning and leaves fast. She's crazy about this guy. But it won't last very long. Then she'll be on to the next one. Your problems are: - you got carried away when this 36 year old came on strong; - you believed it was real because you wanted to and because she "future-faked" you; and - she left you so quickly,
  8. Stop trying to fix her. What you're doing to her is cruel and bad for her self-esteem. Making someone feel like they only have to change for you to love them is abuse. Leave her. You should have never gotten involved with her if she was overweight and gaining more would upset you. You might as well know that most women gain weight between 35-55 when they enter peri-menopause so you're going to have to deal with this eventually no matter who you're with. But for now, let this girl go so you can both be happy.
  9. It's sounds like an allergic reaction. If it is, it'll probably go away on its own, if it's a yeast infection it won't. I understand coming on a forum for reassurance and maybe some more information before you go to the doctor. But dude it's your penis - GO TO THE DOCTOR! Who cares what age you are - his/her job is to treat you, not judge you. And if it is something serious, like herpes, not going to the doctor is both dumb for your own health, and irresponsible to people you sleep with in the future.
  10. I read your post and I don't see that your husband did a lot wrong except not telling you and this has obviously bothered him so he's telling you now. On the other hand, your sister knew you suspected and pretty much lied, and regardless she should have told you before you got married. Personally I don't understand why you're putting most of the blame at his door. I think you need to decide if you can eventually accept them sleeping together. I wouldn't ignore your feelings tho. Right now you're trying to get us to tell us it's okay to forgive him. But that nagging feeling is telling
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