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  1. Hmmm.. I am not sure i like the hipsters, or can tolerate them enough just yet to try to fit in But, they brought some really cool places over here!! I know about coursera, i remember looking up mechanical classes. They dont have any I usually dont read more than one book, but i have forced myself to read more books now lately. I am actually remembering a lot more from things i have read now, maybe because i am not doing my old marathon reading of one book anymore. Do you get sleepier? I fall asleep by 9 sometimes. Oh, and i bought the simple touch nook. I read at work now too. I am going to read technical manuals, one hobby book, and maybe some book on the supernatural/powers.
  2. So do i, i read so much i fall asleep by 9 because my eyes get tired. Maybe its because you read novels, i am trying to read things i need to memorize for games or mechanical stuff for work. I started drinking coffee again so i can hang out at the local cafes (yes, i just said that like a dweeb)... i am going to be soooo cool with my nook!
  3. Blood and Smoke, the Strix Chronicle from Vampire the Requiem. That secret stuff right there....
  4. I have only broke up with one girl, that HAD to end but i still felt really bad. Even with women who i just dated i would feel bad, they wanted to date me seriously and i didnt want that - ya sure, i felt bad, sometimes i felt horrible. I used to call my friend and tell her how sad i felt and that i hope i didnt hurt her too bad. These women would never believe i would feel as hurt as i was when i had to turn them down - because im so cold faced and careless. Some didnt even care, and they quickly moved on to other men - but before this i would feel really down.' I dated someone from the site 2 years ago and i had to let her go due to not having a good connection plus due to distance. I kept apologizing to her every week. But thats me, it all depends on how his mind works.
  5. Yes! This helped me through my break up, i used to watch it online on justintv. I used to watch it when they used to air on sci-fi channel years ago too. I used to pretend i was there with them... actually, i still do that at 32 years old. I am surprised no one else ran with this idea and made a ripoff, but with like horror or action movies.
  6. Thats something else i read about BPD from a poster on here. I drop the charm and coldness when someone reveals their hurt and pain. But BPD people do that to get sympathy, i read that its because they are warning you on how not to act - but its possible that i read that wrong, because they say they are liars and chase after unavailable men- so there is a contradiction there- so it could be her way to manipulate. All i know is if we didnt have that bad weekend we had, and i didnt get frustrated with her, and/or if her therapist didnt feed her (if they did at that is) - she probably would have eventually tried to get me to marry her or have kids with her, it just seems like i always had to talk sense into her and tell her to chill out.
  7. The last girl i was seeing showed borderline personality disorder traits. Her father abandoned her, and when he did come back he just came back to hurt her- and hes a millionaire, and he still gets at her and tries to control her and push her away. Her mother has personality disorder, so they dont have a normal relationship. She was raped, chases after men who hurt and control her - and rushes all relationships - like she did with me a month ago. A month ago i was a celebrity to her. I was doing everything perfect, and she was getting anxiety about making me happy, being good for me, and insecure about how much i liked her. She didnt want a relatioship because she rushes things, but i persuaded her- and one bad weekend over lack of her having time for me, and miscomunication, we both we distant, and then she turned into a different person saying she doesnt have time, feelings or emotions to invest in someone and she is overwhelmed in life- to the guy she was madly in love with just a week ago... whaaaat? Then she did a 180 and didnt give two farts about my opinion, and she went back and forth from wanting me to not wanting to be with me- until she said she will hurt me, or will eventually hurt me and she has to leave- again, just a aweek ago shes planning ways to get me to live with her in her new house, about kids and marriage- and how she needs to see me more. I am sure she has BPD, she admitted to depression and taking medications, but she never digged further. Her last ex was 16 years older than her, controlling and abusive, sloppy, and has bi polar and is aggressive. She tends to date older guys, i am 32 and she was 23. They arent functional, i even read they are pathological liars. I think they did us a favor and knew that they would bring us down with them too. I would hate to see how she would have treated our kids - or the marriage we would have had.
  8. Yes, to all of them. Some ex's from 8 years ago would drop me with one touch.
  9. I have always held all the cards in dating them or in the relationship, its when i lose the cards (or never had them) is when i lose her.
  10. No... you are a father now, thats it. She is pushing and pulling, probably to have a back-up (maybe this rebound is still around). Flip it on her and dont care, and go date with someone else when you are ready. Women dont want a puppy, they dont want to feel like you are their son, be a man and be a challenge, not a door-mat. Even if it doesnt work, who cares... pulling doesnt work, no matter how much she feeds you that you think a pull here and there will get something, so what is there to lose? When you visit your daughter, go there like life is great. Look important, look like the situation doesnt phase you and like your ex is just the mother of your child.
  11. GIGS: They arent attracted to you as much as before (or ever for some), and something else opened the door for them to leave. If its another guy, if its a friend telling her about other guys, if its a party life-style, it wont matter...this is all just in the pot, not the sole reason. Someone has to doubt the grass they stand on... to want to check the other persons yard to see if its greener.
  12. Well, unless the break up was sudden, its usually built over time. There are feelings of guilt, but they feel relieved, its something that started as a thought, grew, and as put into action. If they is something still there, and the freedom and relief period starts to die out, they will shift until realizing they miss you. Oddly, the dumper starts to think about you, and the dumpee starts to feel relief and freedom. We spent months losing hope, building up the mentality that they werent right until it STICKS and becomes all we know, while they are getting out of their relief period and starts to shift into what their mind didnt bother to care about, which was missing you. Relief of the break-up only lasts for so long. Obviously this isnt the case for everyone, but I know a few posters who mentioned it when they were the dumpers. Thats why rebounds dont work sometimes. They have this relief, they meet someone else, they date them, and all of a sudden their period of relief starts to die down, and they miss you, and then they realized they dragged a guy along to patch up the loneliness they thought they meet feel.
  13. I agree with this post, i always said someone never exits without a backup plan. I have done it, always have done it actually, so to me is an all too real scenario. I warned my ex to never ever leave me for someone else, respect the life we had, respect the legacy we had, and i promised her I would do the same. But, people have an amazing ability to justify their behavior, they instead believe they were right to do this because if they wanted the other person, then that shows the person they were with was not the "one". Its all bs, attraction is an amazing tool to pry a weaker mind away. But, some people do leave and come back later on and do not have a "backup". I doubt all the posters posting their stories are lying under anonymous names. And it usually does take months after the relief period of freedom starts to wane.
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