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ex is confusing. need opinions please


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ok so my ex broke up with me about 2 months ago after dating for 2 years. her reason was because she felt like everything was her fault which i can see now why she might think that. anyway, we stayed in contact till this day and i asked her to go to a local fair thats coming up and she said yes. my question is how should i approach this situation. ive recently been to her house to help her with school work and she asked me to stay and eat with the family. so later when i left i asked her what we were to us. and she said just friends. im sure yall can see why im confused about the way she is acting. i can still make her laugh till she cries too. so just some different peoples opinions would help alot.

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She still will have feelings for you, as you will with her.

If you still want to be friends and still want to hang out - sometimes this can work, but the majority it doesn't.

If ever you are out, try not to "hook up" with another person.. and same for her.. It's just upsetting.



If you can't do this, try and minimise the contact you have with her Make yourself busy, keep occupied.. Say Yes to every opportunity.


& by no means - do not do break up sex.. I have tried - it was great, and it became so hard to break it off


I hope this has helped..

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Can you handle being "just friends"? You were together for two years, and you definitely still have feelings for her. It's a tricky situation to navigate - you want to "be there" for the person you love, but they've re-defined the relationship and established boundaries that may be difficult to accept.


I don't think I could go back to a platonic relationship with someone after we've been together and been intimate. It's confusing - your heart will still be drawn to them, and if they aren't receptive to idea of getting back together, it can be quite painful.

Do what you think is best, but if she is saying "just friends" and you want "more", the logical course is to amicably create distance to figure yourselves out.

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