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Ex boyfriend mad his friend drove me home

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We have been broken up for two months. Things had been really great between us lately, though. I went out for my friends birthday last night, and needless to say we got drunk. Asked the ex to go, he declined. Asked if I could call him if I needed a ride, because I don't like to go to 3:00 bars, it's nothing but trouble but I wasn't driving. He told me I could try and call but he may be asleep.


I call and he doesnt answer. So I go to the other bar. I tell him his really good friend john is there. He sent me a text at 2:45 am saying please let him know when I get home. I completely forget about the text. Go to an after party, my girlfriend wants to go home, but now I'm having a great time and don't want to leave. John offers to drive me. We get back to my friends house around 5:30 am and I'm on te phone with my friend, as we pull in the driveway I ask if John wants to come in and hang out. There are some other people there too. He does.


My friend and I get into a little spat. Pretty uncomfortable and John doesn't leave. It was very strange. Then I am talking to him about how much I still love my ex. He keeps trying to "sush" me about talking about him. My friends go to bed. After a while he leaves. I leave a little bit later, around 7-7:30 am.


My ex is furious. He "doesn't trust John". Ok.... I didn't do anything?


My ex calls my friend. My friend tells him everything but says she doesn't know really what happened because she went to bed. He starts crying and tells her he is done with me.


I'm so confused. I told him I would never do anything with any of his friends.


Should I apologize?

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He's an "ex", why is he acting all possessive and weird over you?


Tell him he needs to get over it. You guys are broken up.


To be honest, even if he was your bf, he should be happy that someone gave you a ride home. What did he want, for you to be stranded and drunk somewhere?


Let him be angry.

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