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A little comic relief...this is amazing.

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Hey guys,


Here's a fantastic video from one of my f-a-v-o-r-i-t-e bloggers about how necessary it is to separate ourselves from the illusion and the hormones of devotion to just...honestly look at who this person is and what they brought to the table (...or, let's be real, didn't bring.)




Warning to the puritans, language is definitely not for the feather-eared and certainly NSFW. Absolutely hilarious and on a day full of pain and doubts, one of my favorites to turn to for reassurance that choosing ourselves and choosing dignity, trust, respect and care is always worth it.


Sending love to all.



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Haha that guy is awesome!! I am gonna have to subscribe to his videos! He totally reminds me of a guy I went to school with who always cracked me up lol


The 'Separate to see' thing was AWESOME!!!! So damn true! 'Love is Helen Keller' LMFAOOO! I was DYING! This is awesome! Everyone watch this! Thanks for sharing it!

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it's the Tampico that slays me. evvvvverytime.


The tampico line had me DYING!!!!


This guy is awesome!!


And there is something comforting in hearing someone poke fun at and make light of the heart ache and pain you've gone through. Its kinda like a light bulb 'Everyone has felt these awful feelings at one time or another!' moment....and its great when you can laugh about it all!

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