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How do you know if you're happy in your relationship?


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What does it mean to be happy with your relationship?


My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 months, but I don't know if I'm happy. When I'm with him, I'm glad to see him, but I'm not ecstatic. Sometimes when I leave him after hanging out, I feel so unfulfilled, like kinda depressed almost. Could it be that I'm just scared because we are getting more serious? I'm just so confused and I can't seem to pinpoint anything. But I know I'm not like giddy with butterflies when I see him anymore, is this a bad sign? Maybe it's because I pay for everything in our relationship and that's turning me off to him?

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girl, you KNOW when you're happy. you feel it, its in your bones you know. at the beginning of a relationship it is like you have extra life, a spring in your step. as the relationship progresses it is more a contentment and peace in your relationship.

if you are coming away from your bf feeling almost depressed that it would seem to me that your instinct is not happy, not satisfied and is niggling at you to make a decision.

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If you're happy you would know it and wouldn't need to question it. I can understand being unhappy if you have to pay for everything. How did it come about that you ended up in this situation of paying for everything? and have you talked to him about this issue?

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