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  1. This. I know that a lot of people are going to read this and go YES!! TT got his ex back and so can I. But he's the exception and not the rule. So please, if you are reading this post take away from it not that he reconciled, but that he let go and accepted her descision.
  2. Bad bad bad bad idea unless you are over the ex and ready to move on with your life. Did I say it was a bad idea? It's a bad idea.
  3. You can't be friends with someone who you still have romantic feelings for. It's a recipe for disaster. If you are content being in constant pain and have the stomach to watch her move on with another guy, well, you're a stronger man than most here. BUT, if you really want to heal, accept that it's over, and start doing the things you know you should do to move on and heal. If you don't, you have no one to blame for your pain but yourself.
  4. Who knows, anything is possible. The thing is, there is no one set of rules that will work in all situations. There are way too many variables in any relationship to say "do this" and she will come back or you will heal. No Contact is a great practice to heal yourself, thats it's intent. Not to get your ex back. It may do that as a side effect, but most likely it won't. You do it to make yourself better. The fact is, the majority of people don't get back together. So all you can do is whats best for you. If that means trying, try. If trying is killing you, stop. No matter what happens y
  5. It's a process. You'll cycle through the stages of grieving. Some days you'll thionk you're OK wwith things and you've moved on. Other days you'll be back crying like a baby. You'll go through the process at your own speed. Some will take a shorter time, some longer. Don't compare yourself to others, everyone is unique in the time it takes to truly accept that things are over and move on.
  6. The two biggest lies that women tell men are "you're the biggest" and "you're the best" I mean really, who cares? If a woman choses to be with you, forget all about her past flames and just have some fun in the sack.
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