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Addictive Relationships


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So I just learned that this is the type of relationship I am in.


1. Even though you know the relationship is bad for you (and perhaps others have told you this), you take no effective steps to end it.

2. You give yourself reasons for staying in the relationship that are not really accurate or that are not strong enough to counteract the harmful aspects of the relationship.

3. When you think about ending the relationship, you feel terrible anxiety and fear which make you cling to it even more.

4. When you take steps to end the relationship, you suffer painful withdrawal symptoms, including physical discomfort, that is only relieved by reestablishing contact.


Anyone know how to break this cycle? Is there another way besides breaking up?

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I would look into love addiction and see if you fit the profile. I would also get some counseling. Immediately!


Also, when you have broken contact you will be able to see things more clearly. Why would you want to stay with someone who is unhealthy for you?

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I'm sure I'm not unique when I say this, but I was in a relationship just like this. And it's so much harder to get out of then other people (those who haven't been in a relationship like this) can fathom.


If this is the type of relationship you are in, then nothing you do is going to fix it. The only solution is breaking up. I hate to be that black and white about it, but these relationships are way too common and rarely ever turn into a loving, mutual relationship. Chances are (no, I'm CERTAIN of it), this relationship is much worse for you than being single. You probably have low self-esteem, you constantly doubt yourself, despise your life... Believe me when I say that these things heal after you get out of that relationship. It's a withdrawal, yes, but it passes. And you'll only be stronger and more independent for it. But not if you go back to the relationship. Don't let yourself be controlled by a bad relationship. Life is too short for that.

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