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  1. Hello all! I am planning a backpacking adventure for a month and a half, starting in Glasgow circling to Rome, visiting about 15 cities. My question is about the trains/buses. They seem crazy expensive. Would I be better off renting a car? Any knowledge would be greatly appreciated.
  2. It's the best! I am a very shy person, but I knew I had to put myself out there to meet some friends along the way, and I did! I'm planning to move abroad soon because it's such a rush!
  3. I too want to run away. The world is so big and I don't want to stay in the same place anymore.
  4. hmm its been like 10 days or so nc. haven't seen him in over 4 months. i still think about him everyday. i don't even know why i miss him so much. i just hate saying goodbyes and i'm sad he's gone from my life. he was my world.
  5. I'm in a rebound relationship, but I genuinely like this person and hope it becomes serious.
  6. Today would have been our 6th year anniversary...we almost made it.
  7. Nights are the hardest for me. I miss you and I don't even know why. I just miss your smell and you holding me. I am in denial and still think you will break up with the new girl and confess your undying love for me. Sometimes I think you know I would come back in a heartbeat and that's why you're not hurting as much as me. You aren't feeling the loss because you know I am still yours and will come back to you like the doormat I have been for the past 6 years. I still think about you every day. I hope I cross your mind too.
  8. You are a sex addict and because of that I was and no girl will ever be good enough for you. Your addiction will always come first. You are in denial, please get help.
  9. I just had my first rebound ever last night, it was pretty strange. Now I miss my ex even more.
  10. I believe in recon! Sometimes you just have to experience life outside your partner to realize the greatness they bring to you.
  11. If you marry her, I think I will lose it for real. I didn't leave you because I didn't love you. I left because you didn't love me.
  12. I texted you happy birthday, but no response. I just hope you know I care about you and always will. No regrets.
  13. Tomorrow is your bday. I promised I would be there with you to celebrate before we officially ended it. I'm sorry for making a promise I cannot keep. I do think about you everyday and wonder what you're doing, or who you're with. How quickly you've probably found someone else to dull the pain. Then again, I am mad at myself for giving you so many chances and almost all of my youth. I just didn't want to admit failure. I truly wanted us to be together, but I need someone to give as much into the relationship as I do, and you just couldn't seem to do that. I will be happy, I am already happier, but I will always think of you. Happy birthday.
  14. I really hate that I had to break NC to make sure he mails my paycheck to me. He responded quickly, but was pretty short....*****.
  15. I looked through his questionnaires on OK cupid and apparently he has slept with 12 women...I only knew of 6.....and then then kicker, he stated that he is a good liar. Now I really need to get tested. Bastard.
  16. On day 4 of NC...the longest we have ever gone in the past 6 years that I've known you. It is so strange, like our relationship never existed.
  17. I miss you or I miss having someone....sometimes I have the sudden urge to contact you. Did I make the right choice? I do not want to live in regret, I think that is what I fear most.
  18. In the book "It's Called a Breakup because It's Broken" the magical NC time period is 2 months. You're almost there and even if you still miss them which you will, be proud of yourself that you made it that long without speaking and that you don't really need them.
  19. I tried for 5 years to make this relationship work even after you cheated on me multiple times. I ignored the pain and fought hard to keep the relationship whole because that is how much I loved you. You aren't good for me and soon I hope to believe that. I will always love you, but I need to love ME more! I hope you realize that I will not come back to you after you have your fun this time. You will never have a healthy relationship with anyone unless you deal with your break ups. That was one major part of our downfall. You weren't over your ex for the first 2 years of our relationship and you used me to forget about her. You are doing the same exact thing to this new girl. It's only been one week and you've alreday moved on? I doubt you're fully healed in one week. I just hope you miss me and I hope I will be strong enough to say no.
  20. I asked my bf if the girl he slept with when we were apart was better sex than me and he said he would not compare us....does that mean that he just doesn't want to hurt my feelings?
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