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  1. I am starting a new job with a lot of responsibility and an overwhelming workload. I am so afraid of failure and I do not know how to handle the pressure and stress. I have failed in the past, and now I fear I may be unable to do this career at all. I am anxious and can't eat or sleep well. I am almost 30, but feel like I am reverting back into a child. I miss my family and living at home with no responsibilities. I moved out a month ago, but cannot adjust to this new life. I need help!
  2. Hello all! I am planning a backpacking adventure for a month and a half, starting in Glasgow circling to Rome, visiting about 15 cities. My question is about the trains/buses. They seem crazy expensive. Would I be better off renting a car? Any knowledge would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I was teaching 6/7 grade.. I have thought about going younger...it might help.
  4. I first got into teaching thinking it would be easy, with decent pay, and great vacation days. I lasted 1.5 years at my first job before getting fired. That shook my confidence, and I could not hold down another teaching job after that. I would have terrible anxiety, cry, and honestly be afraid of the misbehaving kids. Now, I have no idea what to do with my life. I do not have any other skills. Any advice?
  5. It's the best! I am a very shy person, but I knew I had to put myself out there to meet some friends along the way, and I did! I'm planning to move abroad soon because it's such a rush!
  6. I too want to run away. The world is so big and I don't want to stay in the same place anymore.
  7. I'm planning on studying in Guadalajara for about a month in a few days and will be traveling there by bus. Dallas-GDL. Does anyone have personal experience traveling across the border and through northern Mexico? I am a little afraid of bus hijacking. Please do not offer negative comments unless you've been there. Thanks.
  8. as a 28 year old, white female, I do not find many other races attractive. I would probably never date anyone besides a Caucasian or Hispanic/Mexican man. JMO.
  9. So many people rehome their pets and it upsets me. You chose to have a pet, you need to take care of it no matter what. Find a friend or foster for a few months. DO NOT give it to a shelter, that's just cruel.
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