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Be afraid...be very afraid

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I've just read this on a dude's online dating profile. He has in excess of 10 photos in various forms of undress and looks like he could knock seven bells out of anyone at the slightest provocation!



"One rough cut diamond seeks a beautiful pearl.


Without a doubt I am the most prized possession from all the men you see on this site.


I am an individual brimming with untamed masculinity, independence and confidence.


Over time I have overcome and conquered numerous adversities.


I consider myself to be exceptionally intelligent. At times phenomenally ingenious.


Being half Italian and half Indian I also speak 3 languages, of which English is my primary social driving language for obvious reasons.


I possess a very cavalier and maverick attitude in life, it's what gets me noticed and gives me the reputation I have.


I am indifferent to most things in essence I don't give a damn. It's take it or leave it attitude, because I am not a politician nor a UN negotiator.


I would describe my most intriguing and unique traits as being a pioneer, very romantic, engaging, exciting, adventurous and challenging.


Being the person I am, I would never follow the crowd and nor would I ever be a lamb to the slaughter.


Mentally I am very challenging and demanding. I speak my mind and don't mix my words.


I am very masculine and rugged and I work out on a regular basis and I am always in control.


I know how to treat and respect a woman and I always give my woman a feeling of absolute pleasure, self esteem, and satisfaction.


Within the confined space of any bed room, I am always in control by (51 percent)


Note the 51 percent is NON NEGOTIABLE.


I am searching for a long term and meaningful relationship"



What kind of a relationship would you expect from a guy who describes himself like this?!

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I would expect to be dragged along by my hair, caveman style, so to speak, throughout the whole thing. I'd also expect to be juiced for narcissistic supply. The most prized possession? Phenomenally ingenious? Always in control? Demanding?



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I would take everything he says at exactly opposite.


He's probably 5 feet tall butt ugly and acne riddled, and he got beaten up as a child, and never makes any decisions for himself. Mommy still yells at him to get off the computer because he's been at it for hours and he has yet to go outside and make even one real life friend.


For some reason I find myself thinking about the Wizard of Oz

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Good thing with online dating is you can stay away from him after reading the profile, but in real life it could be a while before his true character comes out! Scary.


That's just it! I met someone through an online dating site. He didn't come off sounding demanding/controlling. We talked on the phone everyday for a week before we met. We hit it off, but as time went on I realized what his TRUE character really was. I was so dissappointed. I really thought I found someone I could connect with, but sadly mistaken. I ended it. Not only was he demanding but soooo incosiderate and rude to others!

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The other possibility is that this guy is employing a brand of extremely dry humor. I've posted a few humorous dating profiles to the effect of 'ladies, your search is over, you found him" and stuff like that. Usually it's fairly well received although sometimes a person won't get it and message me that I'm so full of myself.

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He is the most interesting man on the dating website. "I don't always get dates online, but when I do, I prefer them to be with my mirror."


All I could think of when I read this was "LOL-someone broke out the thesaurus."


Like Tresqua said he could be using extremely dry humor, but people generally put in a few lines of real info or self depreciating humor to give that away; there is none of that here. In my experience, people on the internet dating sites usually make their profile as they see themselves or as they want others to see them, not how they actually are. My guess is this guy is terribly insecure and is trying to over compensate for whatever he perceives as his short comings (saying he's super intelligent, really good in bed, speaks 3 languages, etc...). In reality, he's probably of average intelligence, decent in bed, knows a few words in 2 other languages, and is probably a nice enough guy. But the fact that he felt the need to portray himself as a phenomenally ingenious, maverick pioneer with untamed masculinity (seriously?) makes me think that you'd have to spend the entire relationship helping him support this illusion only to be crushed by the sheer ridiculousness of it.


I second Bichin in that you need to go on a coffee date with him though! If nothing else, it'll definitely give you better appreciation for the nice, normal guys on the site-hahaha.

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I have this image in my head of what this dude looks like, I'm thinking hes six feet tall with a muscular toned body, He either uses a sun bed or gets a spray tan regularly, he wears foundation, concealer. curls his eyelashes. He has a pair of GHD's, probably waxes his body hair and is too much of a "pretty boy". And his best friend is the mirror...Not my kinda man haha!

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well if the guy is hot you will always have these dumb girls who will message him.


I've come accross many strange profiles. one model guy messaged me and had a really weird profile like that. out of boredom and for entertainment, i responded to this guy just so i can get a few laughs. sure enough, this guy was like "I am so sweet and caring, you can introduce me to your parents. yet i am amazing in the bedroom and i can suck your toes and give you so much pleasure." LOL. just have to laugh at them.

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