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  1. ex, One day you will realize that no girl would ever put up with you how I did. Do you think you will find someone better? Ha! Let's see, you have no job, you're bipolar and have ADHD AND anger issues, you're in therapy, you're on meds. And you are just psycho. No girl will ever put up with your crap. You think *I* have issues? Ughh, take a look in the mirror. But you are so mentally ill you just don't get it. You are a little boy, not a man. Everything you did to me (verbal and emotional abuse) and you cannot apologize? No remorse? No sorrow? Wow you are so messed up in the head. You breaking up with me was a favor! I don't think I truly loved you, I was jus infatuated. I would have eventually dumped you anyway. I mean who are you to leave and criticize me? Like you're perfect? Aside from all your mental issues, you will be in school until you're 30 with no job, you're short, you're a hypocrite, you look like you're 15 when you are 25. You go around calling everyone a piece of ****. That is some major projection you got going on! Projection = criticizing others when you are really unhappy with yourself. That's you. I am so glad for the new year. You will not be in this new year. You had 100000 chances. No more. If your feelings change and you once again come back I will not answer. The only way I would answer is if you give me a very lengthy apology. But you will not do that because you're not a real man. I'll find someone sooner or later. You? Good luck. You have more baggage than an airport! And I will not ever contact you. I said all I had to say. Now I am continuing my journey of moving on and meeting new men. Hopefully one day you will see. One day.
  2. still need to vent... 4 days NC now. i had the urge to call or text you yesterday and today. i thought maybe i did in fact overreact when you didn't answer those text messages and i got all mad at you. BUT you can't possibly break up with me over that! there HAD to have been a lot of other reasons you ended it. so it would make no sense for me to apologize and try to work it out. i already did try to call you when you ended it. you made it clear not to ever contact you again. so I am going to remember that and not ever contact you. I mean after all, YOU criticized me a lot, YOU cancelled dates on me for no good reason, YOU were the one in a bad mood and taking it out on me, YOU gave me the silent treatment and withheld you affection and communication at times, YOU atlked about your ex's a lot. soo you can't possibly be so mad at me when I didn't do much. and even if i did overreact to you not texting me back, YOU did all these horrible things to me. therefore don't expect me to come back to you when you were the one treating me bad. i will not chase after you if you don't care about me. so goodbye
  3. dear ex, It's been 2 days now. How dare you break up with me when i didn't do anything. I gave you chance after chance after chance these past 2 months and YOU break up with ME? Everyone said it's because you thought i would leave you and you didn't want to be the dumpee so you had to end it before I did. You have some serious issues. I mean YOU are the one in therapy, you have anger issues, you are on meds, etc. I was nothing but loving, sweet, caring, kind, forgiving, and passionate about you. YOU are f****ing ***hole. You crtiticized me about my looks. Really? UM you are short and have the smallest you-know-what I've ever seen. You say I have no motivation in my life and don't like to learn. Really??? I went to college and grad school, got straight A's, have 2 part time jobs and I'm looking for a full time job in my field. You called my mom ditzy because of her religion. Really?? You actually insulted my mother? You hide things from me. You say I don't understand you yet you don't say anything about yourself. How can I understand you when you don't talk about what you are doing and what happened in your life? You didn't visit me when I was in the hospital for 4 days. You never even called or texted. NEVER even asked at any point how I was feeling or doing. The you had the nerve to tell me that it was no big deal and I needed to get over it. Wow really? I could have died. You get annoyed if I want to spend time on the phone with you. You always say you are busy or are doing something but you are unemployed! You answer your text messages with 1-2 word answers. You never ask me how my day was. You only want to see me once a week. Why? You have all the time in the world. And I ask to see you and you tell me no? You talk about your ex's. say that you are not over her. wow so why are you dating me? You tell me we don't have much in common. i ask if you want to be with me and you say you are unsure. and then you just say you have to go and keep me wondering. really? why do you have to put me through that? And after ALL this behavior, you get annoyed that I seem insecure. WHY DO YOU THINK I AM INSECURE? LOOK AT HOW YOU TREAT ME, IT IS YOUR FAULT. DUH. If you would talk to me a little more, stopped criticzing me, stopped talking so much about your ex's and saw me a little more often i would ot be insecure. and after I put up with ALL this from you, giving you all these chances, letting things slide, you end up dumping me because I annoyed you when I wanted to talk to you and you weren't responding. seriosuly??? **** you. No girl will ever put up with your crap. And you wonder why your ex left you?
  4. dear x, It's been a few months now. Just want to let you know I am over you, but I am not over what you did to me. I still think you owe me an apology. I hope deep down inside you realize what you did was wrong. You should feel sorry. How can you just leave it at that? Don't even apologize? Well I hope your next girlfriend does to you what you did to me. Then you will know what it feels like. Whatever, you lost me forever. I am glad we don't stay in contact anymore, you are not good enough to even be a friend or acquantence to me. And no girl you ever date will be as good as me. I was the only person in your life to actually be nice to you and treat you good. Now im gone forever. You'll be sorry.
  5. I dont think Ill ever find anyone. I date a lot but either I don't like the guy or the guy doesn't like me. And thats how it always is. I feel like it's impossible to have a mutual connection. i dont know how people get married I mean to marry someone you have to go through all this: 1. the guy has to be single 2. you have to like the guy 3. the guy has to like you 4. you need to meet each other's standards its like impossible. I cant even find anyone decent to date, nevermind marry. and the rare guys I find who I like dont like me. argh
  6. wow that sounds like me and my ex, I could have wrote that letter! here's my letter: Dear ex, Why did you drag out the relationship when you weren't interested?? Why did you play with my heart? It seems as though you wanted to break up with me all that time but you were too scared to. But ignoring me during that time wasn't hurting me? I did everything for you and you did nothing for me! How could you let me do all those things for you while you just didn't care? Why didn't you just break up with me a lot sooner? Why did you lie to me when I confronted you asking you if everything was ok? How could you flirt with other girls and just ignore me? you made me feel like crap. You said you were a humble, appreciate person. That's BS. I felt used by you. Evryone in your life treats you like crap. I was the only one who was nice and caring to you and you didn't appreciate that?? screw you!! what you did was immature. You played with my heart. I hope karma comes around to you and a girl does that to you. You didn't deserve me anyway. I was too good for you. You have no job and no life. You think you find someone better? HA! you think you will find someone who treats you as good as I treated you? good luck
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