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  1. It's not a dating site, but I like to put my picture up because I like how I look, but with all of the negative comments it doesn't seem worth all the heartache so maybe I will not use personal pictures anymore.
  2. It's an app called Wakie, you can post topics and call people on there. Yeah I do realise that, it just doesn't hurt any less, you know what I mean?
  3. I've had this social media app installed on my phone for a while now and I like to use the app when I'm not doing much. Now I've been on apps, sites and the internet in general now for a long time so I know all about trolls. I haven't had that much experience with trolls fortunately and when I have I usually don't care about their opinion because they are strangers on the internet. But, lately I've been having an influx of mean comments about my appearance and it's all been from guys. I've had "you're fat" quite a few times. I've even had intrusive comments about my face like "Why do you loo
  4. When you realized the woman before Maria wasn't the one instead of dealing with the situation you ran away from it into the arms of Maria. And when things with Maria were "rocky" instead of dealing with that situation you decided to flirt with other women. Do you see the pattern here?. You run away when things get tough, this is a deep issue within yourself that you need to work on. I would let Maria go and focus on yourself otherwise this issue will become a vicious cycle that you'll never get out of it. I would suggest getting some therapy to help determine why you deal with problems in
  5. Everyone in their twenties gets a little lost at one time or another so you're not alone. I think you definitely need to get a place because it can't be fun living in your car. So firstly you should focus on getting a part time job. Because if you want to travel, have a social life you need money. So that should be your main priority at the moment. Once you get settled why not try try meetup. com? It's a site where you can meet people through activities and events in your local area. This would really help your social skills and you'll make new friends and hopefully you could meet girls th
  6. Well he could be taking things slow, he may also be unsure about how you feel about him too. That could be why he hasn't kissed you yet, etc. You're not even dating him yet and you're already spying on him using a fake profile. This shows massive trust and insecurity issues on your end. You guys aren't official so he is doing nothing wrong in keeping his options open. I think it's good to not put all your eggs into one basket. So technically he is single so he can do what he wants. However, it sounds like you want him to only date you so why not lay it all out on the table for him the
  7. Hey guys, been ages since I posted something here, but today I felt inspired to re-write the song lyrics to Vanessa Carlton's A Thousand Miles. I just need to express how I'm feeling and music/writing is the only way I know how. Hope you like it I guess lol. Riding the bus through town Driving fast Cars pass And I'm homebound Staring out of the window just making my way Making a way through life's ups and downs And I need something new I don't know what to do And now I wonder If I met you again on the street And let you talk to me Would my life start to become sweet Wo
  8. Obviously you have a crush on her, but you seem happy in your relationship and don't plan on acting on your feelings so that's all good. I had a very similar situation happen to me in my last job, the guy wasn't who I would usually be attracted to, but he intrigued me so much. I started to think about him a lot too and any kindness he showed towards me I ate it up and took it as a sign that he liked me back. Long story short he actually ended up sending my female co-worker a message on Facebook at 1am on a Saturday, so turned out he was into her haha. When I left that job I soon forgot abo
  9. Yeah I get what you mean, it sounds like she likes to talk about herself more than she likes to talk about anything else. It really does sound like she just sees you as a friend.
  10. She did tell you from the start that she didn't want to fall for you and just wanted to be friends. I don't know how long you have been talking for, but you mentioned you used to flirt with her from time to time, did she ever used to flirt back? If not then you have the answer to your question. It's easier to open up to someone online and share personal things. So many people use the internet as an outlet to be honest in a way that they couldn't be in real life and you don't have to like someone to do that. Yes, 4-5 hour chats a day is a long time, my guess is this girl has time on her
  11. It's been proven scientifically that when a man likes a woman he'll sit close to her because he wants to be near her. Staring can make one feel uncomfortable, but generally when a man stares at a woman it's because he likes what he sees. Also some men will soften their voice or the way they act around the woman that they like. So I feel he is displaying this type of behaviour because he is attracted to you. It seems like you might be attracted to him as well, if you weren't interested in him you wouldn't analyse his behaviour around you in the way that you have. You should talk to him mo
  12. I admit in the past I have read too much into situations. I am a romantic at heart and would love to know what love is someday. That's why in the past I have been so in love with the idea of being in love that any good sign I got from a guy I wanted to believe in my mind that he was interested. Also I am a writer and so I naturally let my imagination run away with me. I have learnt from those experiences I talked about in my previous threads so don't get it twisted. I am just taking it for what it is, I'm just chatting to this guy, a relationship isn't going to happen, I may be a romant
  13. To clarify it had been two years since I last spoke to him and I had spoken to many other guys after we stopped talking. I thought I would never talk to him again so naturally he went out of my mind, I think it's natural to put someone out of your mind if you don't talk to them for a long time. As soon as he told me a few facts about myself I remembered him and our conversations, etc. There is no "benefit" or "significance" to him potentially missing and caring for me. It's more of an explanation as to why he has started to talk to me again.
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