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Still trying to lose these extra kilos..need motivation?

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I have been trying to lose these extra kilos since January. I will be 25 in August and i want to look great. However I seem to be struggling to get this weight off. I have been ill lately and that seems to be getting me down. I had a gland lump come up on the side of my throat and was on mends for it to go down. It took a week to go down and I am just relieved that its gone.


I have just recently started going back to gym and its hard getting back on track especially when people have noticed you gained weight. Yesterday evening I made some green tea and my mum was staring at my behind! Then she said my bum is getting fat and i got so angry because she always looks at my figure or try to see what im eating or getting from the fridge. My mum constantly buys chocolate and she knows how i love chocolate and i just find it hard to resist. But i end up feeling fat and thus my clothes wont fit me


I weigh 56kgs now ..i used to be 49kgs. I am finding it so hard to get back down to my normal weight. My jeans are no longer fitting me,my thighs are expanding, my hips are expanding too! I feel fat and my mum makes my matter worse,she is not encouraging me to exercise or eat healthy. She always looks at me when im dressed up and i hate it. I know she wants to be skinnier than me and yet i dont think this is not a competition,its my life. i wish she would back off and let me lose this weight.But i dont have the will power to say no to this junk food.


Can anybody motivate me please to lose this weight before my birthday??

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How tall are you? 56kgs is quite skinny even if you are really short. You only live once. And it's not your mum's job to encourage you to excercise. Perhaps you could exercise not to lose weight, but to tone up and to give you something to do and for all of this anxious energy to go - and then you can even encourage your mum as well.

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This will almost be impossible unless you find the motivation from within YOURSELF. Stop looking for outside confirmations of your worth. Believe in YOURSELF. Always looking for your value based on the opinion of others is a sure fire way to be perpetually disappointed and upset because others will not always give us what we want in that regard. I know it is hard but ignore what she has to say. You are just giving her credence when you get upset and validating her point of view. Ignore it and she will stop because it is making no impact.


The other point is, what do you value more? Chocolate or being healthy? Healthy does not always mean "skinny" either. You really have to decide what you value and then work for it. Get in the gym, eat the right food and LIVE that life. It is not a "diet" till you are the right weight. It has to be a lifestyle for the rest of your life.


It all comes down to what you value and how much you value yourself.

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I have one day a week where I fruit/veg fast or totally fast. The first couple of times are very hard but its now the norm for me and I can do it very easily. Ive lost a about 21 pounds in 3 months.


Its also a great way to detox and help out your liver & kidneys.


I also have cut out bread during the week.

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I lost weight in my late teens when I avoided frying foods, had brown rice instead of white, and ate more vegetables. I don't care for salads (avoid fatty dressings), so I would have steamed veggies or parboiled broccoli (enough to cover about half of my plate). As for exercising, you may initially gain some muscle weight, but that's good because more muscle means more fat is burned.

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