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Took his shoe off at dinner & also ate off of a knife


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I was on a date with a guy tonight at Mi Cocina...


I was shocked that my date took his shoe off at dinner and draped his leg over his knee. - His foot (and dirty sock) was just inches from our table/plates. YUCK! He left it there for a few minutes.


As we were eating chips and salsa, he lifted the salsa bowl and took a sip of it the way you would drink the milk leftover in a cereal bowl.


As if that wasn't enough, then later after we ate, he scooped up the left over guacamole with a knife and took bites of it off the knife and licked it up too.


I don't know if he felt more "casual" since we were on the patio of the mexican restaurant, but I thought he was a bit embarrassing to be with!


Would you feel the same way in this situation or is it me? LOL

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well the eating off a knife is no big deal to me, as i do that sometimes, just without thinking. but the sock and stuff right by the food woudl bother me. it'd bother me even more if he drank out of the fricken salsa bowl! wow....


no, it's ok that you feel t hat way!

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Honestly, this was hilarious, more than a "bit" embarrassing. The question now is are you going to "next" him?

Even though you did not like what he did I think there is a chance you may keep him around. Feel free to correct me.

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And if that is his behavior on a date with a lady, then I would wonder what his lifestyle as a whole is like. I mean, it doesn't make a difference if it's a date or not. Putting your feet up on a table without shoes in a restaurant, from my upbringing, is bad manners. That isn't even taking into considering that he is giving this as a first impression with a date.

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He took his shoes off, and his feet.....didn't touch the food or the table at all?


He...ate with a knife?


Okay, maybe not traditional manners but nothing actually gross (unless you could smell his feet).



As for drinking out of the salsa bowl, I'll give you that. That is rather gross for more than one reason.

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okay first of all, if this is the way he acts on first dates, then imagine when he gets comfortable with you...


lol he will probably scratch at it, sit back, and pick his ear with the fork!!!!




the whole thing with the salsa bowl is gross, its the salsa bowl they put in the middle right? for the chips? that thing is public people touch it all the time it would have be different if it was something he ordered.


and then the whole thing about taking his shoes off =\

ouch... that even hurts! lol

i mean i could understand if he maybe just sliped the hee off for a little under the table but putting it up?!


i go on dates dressed the best i can and my best shoes are usually not the most confortable (hell i have a huge blister from some boots i wore last week) but i will take that torture and not take them off till the night is over and im home !


the guacamole thing is what ever, i just hope he didn't cut his tongue! lol







this would of all been complete if he would have farted and burped!










P.s. was he really hot for you to go on a date with him?

i mean, if these are his ethical morals at the table, i can imagine that he is kinda like this all the time.

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I was laughing as I read the responses


This wasn't my first date with him. We've been out to eat about 5 or so other times, and he was ultra polite (to me, to the wait staff, & had very good table manners)! The only thing I can think of is that he felt all relaxed out on this patio last night...There weren't very many people there at 9:30pm and we were seated by this huge loud fountain and at these couch-like seats. I suppose for him, the environment just felt totally chill and would permit him (in his mind) to act like he's hanging out in the backyard (and to travel back in time to when he was 12 years old). lol


We've had a few dinners at home, too, and he never did anything gross or rude.


He was certainly in rare form last night. I really hope I never see those manners again. Oy. I hate to be that girl who "corrects" her man, but I might have to harp on him if I see him act like that again!

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