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Red bull and increased heart rate

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A while ago a doctor told me that I have a minor heart defect where one of the valves doesn't close properly, but she said this wouldn't cause any health problems, although I have been confused somewhat since the consultant at the hospital couldn't find anything about it on my records. Anyway, about half an hour ago I drank around half a litre of red bull, and my heart rate feels so weird right now, it was fluttering (so to speak) and it was also going quite fast, I'm a bit concerned, do you think I'm just panicking over nothing?

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You know your body than anyone else, I would avoid it if caffeine is causing such symptoms


Even for healthy individuals energy drinks can be harmful, it's like drinking tons of coffee...I drank four once during an event Red Bull sponsored. Let's just say I almost blacked out from not eating and running only on caffeine

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I think caffeine overdose is more common than we know, and while it probably can't kill you (unless you take a truly UNGODLY amount and/or have some other health problems) it certainly doesn't make you feel good.


I had it happen one time where I drank WAY too much in a short amount of time. My HR reached scary levels, I vomited, and I felt like crap the whole day...not productive at all.


Just be careful, ya know?

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