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I was wondering if anyone else has this disease.


I was diagnosed when I was 19 years old (a little over a year ago). I had the ultrasound and my ovaries are very cystic. This just sort of reaffirmed my choice to not have children. I don't want to risk getting gestational diabetes and whatnot. I don't think getting pregnant would be a wise choice for me.


I'm on birth control pill and Metformin. I stopped ovulating before I got the pill, and now I only ovulate about 2x a year.


Normally I do fine but I've been finding that my Metformin is causing some bowel discomforts again as I've been changing my diet (eating more vegetables) and I don't know, I guess I'm just looking for support. Feeling a little down about the whole thing >


I've had problems with the weight thing but I've lost a lot in the past year. Still want to lose more. The acne is the worst. I've felt like an ugly duckling for so long. I feel that I'm *slowly* coming out of that, but I still feel very unattractive. Being at college with PCOS has been difficult...I shouldn't drink with my meds, or eat junk food, etc. Everyone my age is so thin, clear-skinned, and in generally very good health. I guess it's natural to feel a little jealous on my part. I know they won't be so healthy when they get older because we all age and some have very bad habits, but I still feel a little resentful because my health has already taken a turn for the worse at such a young age and already, I have to be careful of what I do/eat/my weight.


But, it's life, right?

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i was just recently diagnosed with pcos, take the pill and metformin as well. but never had a problem with acne. its every other symptom thats giving me trouble. belly fat, hair everywhere, snoring, u name it.


unlike you though i want to have children with my fiance in the future so this has put a damper on things, losing the weight has not been easy no matter how much i stay on my diet and exercise. i feel like a fat anorexic =(

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Oh gosh, the belly fat is the worst.


Do you know what helped me? Running. I use the indoor track at school and that really boosts my metabolism....but I wish I could eat carbs.


I hope you feel better soon. It makes me sad to hear about other women struggle with pcos in that they feel fat and undesirable.

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I had one doctor diagnose me with POCS and another said I didn't have anything. I have been on generic bc pills for a long long time, but I think it is probably bad for my body to remain on them for such long periods of time, so I have stopped to give my body a break. Some of the side affects make me really sad and depressed and embarrassed about my body.


I've heard that we should be careful about carbs too. (Although my doctor didn't bother to mention this.) I would be grateful if you guys can share your experience/knowledge with me.

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Well I have parents for docs and they suspected it when I got into my late teens, and then I had a doctor formally diagnose it when I was 19.


PCOS may or may not be accompanied with Insulin Resistance. I know I have it but a friend of mine with PCOS doesn't, so I guess it depends. IR puts you at risk for diabetes and can make you hyperglycemic and overweight, especially when you eat a lot of carbs/sugar. Metformin has helped my IR quite a bit though. I've lost weight and I feel better overall.


I think a high-protein diet is best, with lots of vegetables. Fruit is good, but they can be full of sugar, so I wouldn't eat a lot of them. Don't forget diary products too.


I don't think there's anything wrong with being on BC pills for a long time. Research has shown that being on BC pills a long time (especially when you start young) can possibly decrease your risks of developing certain cancers, like breast and ovarian. I plan to be on mine for a long time since I won't be having children. But it's totally up to you. I know that some side effects can be bothersome. I have been on Yaz and I haven't had any side effects.


I dunno, those are just my findings.

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