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Your favourite Dog breeds and why.....


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My family and i have an Akita whom i love to bits, hes totally gorgeous, my brother chose him though, if we didnt already have him and i had to choose for myself i would choose a smaller breed, i cant walk keto these days cos hes far too big and powerful for me so my brother and stepdad are the only people that can walk him now. I have a few favourite breeds...


Whippets- those faces are to die for, those big eyes, gorgeous!


Manchester Terrier- they look like a small doberman and i love dobermans, my aunty had one when i was a kid- "Sherry" who was the most nice natured, sweet dog ive ever known so dobermans will always have a special place in my heart.


Those are my top 2.............whats yours?

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american pit bull terrier and staffordshire terrier.

Ruggedly built, balanced and slick coat. Extremely intellegent and good amount of energy. Easily trained and can be very focused.

Not too big, not to small. Big block head on the staffie. All in all handsom, rugged, smart.

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and i had to add this one:

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I'm so cliched... but my family has one and she is amazing. I just love her to death. She's so happy and dopey and fun.

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I also love Australian shepherds. I think they're gorgeous

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Although, I must say, I will never get a purebred anything. Too many doggies out there that need rescuing.

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Depends on what id want the dog for.


For a companion someone to hike and exercise with me, id like a rhodesian ridgeback. Ive seen a lot of atheletes professional and amatuer that swear by them, they are loyal, will protect the family as well as having a large amount of energy, deffinitely an outside dog.


For comic relief, id like a bassat hound, or possibly a pug. Something about tripping over your own ears and howling is just funny.


I really like american pitbulls too tho.

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Goldens are popular for a reason, they're great dogs!


I have a Sheltie and a Pomeranian. Needless to say, I don't get a lot of peace and quiet.

Would never get these breeds again but they're great pets.


I plan to rescue a husky, no more pet stores or breeders.


I would love to rescue either a husky or a greyhound. I think greyhounds are wonderful dogs.

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German Shepards are my favirote!! I have one, he is my world, listens extremely well and protects me!! I will always feel safe with him around. Also he is always up for some wretsling, and his personality is out of this world!! I cant explain it, he like pulls the cute card out, yet hes a 125 lb. German Shepard, the women love him!!

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Poodles! Smart, beautiful and no shedding! I love how they love the water too. That's the best part.

Sorry to be the one to break it but..


There is no such thing as a dog that does not shed, it's a myth. All dogs will shed hair to some extent. Breeds considered to be "no shed" breeds merely shed much less hair than other breeds.


Some people mistaking assume these dogs will be low maintenance compared to breeds that shed more. However, the special coats of "no shed" breeds take much more time and care.


I love my two Great Danes and my two Irish Wolfhounds.


Best dogs ever.

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