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  1. oh.. i know what he wanted then.. just sprinkle some glitter effect on his skin. *nods* i bet thats the finishing touch he's craving.
  2. thin the hair, it seems too full. go back and redo the lips, the shadow will do a slight break before the lipline. in your picture there is no break, making it look like you put a sticker of lips on the picture. there is no 3d feel to it. eyes spaced further apart. (rule is one eye width between the two) and reshape and slightly shorten the nose... or extend the jaw and shift the lips down. the mouth being agape is going to change your entire face shape, so you must take that into consideration. and his left hand needs a little work. what i do like about the picture is the shading effects of the skin and clothing, curtains and other objects. this will of course help you if you apply it to the lips. just practice on facial expressions and anatomy of the skull and you'll be set.
  3. In the Fall Not quite hard as the stones that mark the bodies Not quite the same empty grey This time of year you see the 40ft bouquets This time of year is their 4th of july A few thousand decaying hearts discarded vessels of extrodinary lives once lead They're fed on and up from the ground the colors shoot off like a flare in the sky A bit of chill and the endless chatter of the leaves like a grandstand of spectators always whipsering to eachother words you cant quite make out. Enjoy your show guys... its all for you.
  4. I have yet to do any contracted work so I have no idea what I would charge.
  5. here is Hatter with one more day on him... lol... ooooo!
  6. thats intentional. in the picture i'm drawing it off of his eyes arent straight. and oddly enough it actually bothers me just a bit, but thats just because i'm a perfectionist. when i look at it though the face is somewhat frightening. which i give a thumbs up to
  7. so far on the Mad Hatter. a few flaws but i'm going to finish it. should be worth it. update on the Hatter below V V V V
  8. Awwww..... you guys are going to make me tear up *covers eyes* (i'm becoming so emotional i know)
  9. thank you guys. i'm proud of it too. its the very very very first picture of a horse i've ever drawn that captures the eye just right. this was a big thing for me.
  10. give it two more months.. i'm sure i'll be back for more lol
  11. and yet again i read it.. i still like that poem. and i forgot i wrote it.. also forgot that i replied saying i forgot i wrote it. this seems to be a continuing cycle
  12. dagless you are killing me with these wonderful poems.
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