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Why all the noise??

Tall Boy

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I'm taliking about a proper screamer!!

Sex is top draw but the noise is affecting my concentration and rythem.

Come on girls, can a a woman with a similar need give me an insight please>>


maybe she wants to make you think you're doing a fantastic job. maybe she's seen some porn...and thinks in order for you to feel gratified...she needs to make a lot of noise. or maybe it just feels really f***ing good.


is this in reference to a specific person? why not just ask her? say, ''look, i was just wondering what's up with your screaming. i mean, i like it and all, i'm just curious." you don't have to insult her or anything. it's an intimate question in a way...but you ARE having sex with her...so no harm in asking an intimate question.



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Noise is GOOOOD. I'd only have a problem if it was fake. I can't stand a lot of mainstream professional porn because the actresses are SOOO annoying (hear a girl make the same exact moan every 1-2 seconds for like 10 minutes - SURE its real lol). Noises are an indicator she is enjoying herself, and there is nothing I love more than a woman in pleasure.. but FAKE noises indicate the opposite and really ruin it for me.

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