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Ugh, BC question..and my odds.


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Ok I wasn't sure where to ask this but I figured this was probably the best place? Ok, I'm on Ortho...Novum? I forget, some kind of monthly Ortho BC pill that I get from PP. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis when I was 19 and part of management is taking 3 packs at a time without a period. Well I had my period last month, and this month I was a few weeks in when I forgot a pill, took one the next day, and forgot another one..took one the next day and then ran out as of today. I've been having sex all along, although this week earlier I was lightly spotting. I hope this was clear enough to ask...how stupid am I being? The two pills I forgot were honest accidents, and I meant to call and refill my prescription but I've been working a LOT (tomorrow is my first day off since Easter) and I had two major tests in school this week. Life has just been hectic, although I know it's not an excuse.


In short..what are my chances? And to clear up, my bf and I do not use condoms, our method is purely the pill.

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No one can tell you what your chances are because we aren't doctors. Spend one day on this site and you will encounter people who got pregnant on their period, with condoms, you name it, it's happened.


1. We aren't doctors

2. Take a test

3. Use condoms or something other than the pill if you really don't want a child. Two forms of BC is best, always, unless you can afford to be a mother.


Best wishes

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