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How often do guys reject girls?


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Well i think first off its hard to go by whats normal because even with that everyone is different. I also dont know what you mean by not rejecting them. Is that you just go on dates or talk and see how things go or do you just want to be in alot of relationships or be with alot of women. I tend to reject girls alot but i have high standards and maybe too high. So im trying to work on that so im not rejecting everyone. I think also it depends on how many girls have come up to u and how old you are.

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Hi guys, just curious what are the reasons you reject these girls? Do you base it on their looks, attitude, character, chemistry...guess I am just wondering what it is that makes you push the reject button.

All of the above really, it just depends on whether the entire package is attractive or not. Also, most my guy friends will have sex with pretty much anything with a vagina, but have high standards when it comes to anything more than that (relationship).

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It probably just seems like that because women don't multi-hit on guys then way a lot of men do to women...


In actuality, I am sure it's pretty evenly split.


Look at this forum, for example. Seems to be even in posters of both genders with dating issues and rejections.

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I think the hardest thing for any girl to get me interested is her personality. I just say that because im very different then alot of ppl so just based on that i dont really get interested in alot of girls. I think for me its alittle bit of everything. I dont think i could date anyone or be interested in anyone if i only liked one thing about them. Im also more of a serious dating type so i guess that explains why it is that way for me. I think why i would reject a girl is if she thinks too high of herself, bad attitude, she tries to look cool in front of her friends or changes around them, im also not that big on a girl that wants to be taken care of because i like someone that knows how to take care of themselves, and i would say looks are important but i would say as long as i find them attractive which just means nothing about them i really dont like. Also looks are important because thats usually the first thing you notice about someone.

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"In actuality, I am sure it's pretty evenly split."


Well, in terms of frequency of direct rejections, no. A guy may get directly rejected several times for every date he goes on.


A woman's direct rejection comes after the date if things don't work out.


Notice I didn't say anything about indirect rejection. Women get rejected all the time - it's called choosing not to ask them out. Oftentimes they're just not aware of it, and if you're not aware of it, it can't be rejection, right?

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I think it's more likely the scenario I encountered today:


I was at Starbucks for my morning cappuccino and out of the corner of my eye noticed a girl checking me out. I glanced her over and really wasn't interested. So, I didn't talk to her. When I got my drink and was getting a stir for it she came right beside me to get some dairy creamer. She said something like "can you believe they are out of creamer?" She said a couple of things. I said a couple of things. She laughed and then I left. I never made eye contact with her but could see she was attempting to make eye contact with me.


Not saying this sort of thing happens all the time. But when it does its pretty obvious what's going on and I consider what I did to be the same as if she came up to me at a bar buy me a drink and I said no.

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