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  1. But this is a huge part of the story, hon. If this is something you found out after you got married, then yes, I can see why you'd be upset and tweaked. But, knowing about this years ago means that there was a time and place to settle this, and it should have been years ago before you married him. Did you ever tell your husband that this bothered you? Or have you always been hiding it? The only way to reconcile this, IMO, is for you to work it out on your own. It's not your husbands problem, nor is it your sisters. Neither did this purposely to hurt you, or upset you. When they had
  2. So why is this coming up now, considering you've known about it for a few years? I think this is why guys often feel blindsided by women. Your husband probably thinks this issue was settled years ago, and here you are resurrecting it. I think the time to make a stink about this was years ago when you found out, certainly before you got married. Still, I don't see the problem - you weren't dating him at the time.
  3. Again - lol, you seem to be changing your story when you don't like what posters tell you. You said in your OP that she ended it with you, and is moving back to be with Scott. If she chose you, she'd be with you. Period, end of story, and there would be no thread on this. She wouldn't have said goodbye to you, and she wouldn't be moving back to be with him. Your innocence is both frustrating, but also super sad, because you're going to get royally wonked in this, kiddo.
  4. Honey, you're being extremely foolish. A woman knows pretty quickly when she's pregnant. Trust me - it doesn't take us two months to figure it out. Though really, you have no idea how far along she is. And does it make sense that if she missed her period, she would run to Scott to discuss it? I mean, if you were her guy, like you think, and she wants nothing to do with him, like you think, why would she immediately go to him to talk about it? And she didn't need to see a doctor near Scott to confirm her pregnancy, either. It's like you're really so unaware of the reality of this g
  5. OP - this is what you said about her moving. This new revelation that she's moving to be near her doctor doesn't seem to compute. You said yourself she's going to be living with baby daddy. And, now that I've re-read the lengthy OP, it seems that she's already ended it and wished you well, so it doesn't really seem like there is much for you to do but move on. And find someone not quite so, um, complicated.
  6. Sweetie, she knew within weeks of meeting you that she was pregnant. lol. It didn't take her two months to figure that out. Or, more likely, she got pregnant well after she met you, since she's been banging baby daddy all this time anyhow. You're also missing how much this girl lies. She is not lost, and she is not confused. You, however, are blind to what's going on. She's not moving to be near her doctor. She's moving to be with baby daddy. I wish I could cyber shake you, because you're really the one who is lost and confused her. You are acting so naively, and this gir
  7. Got to disagree with most of this, sorry. I've also known a lot of strippers, and most will have sex for cash. They just don't tell people. Be realistic - if she's bending over winking the brown eye for a group of strangers, do you think she cares about taking $25 for a handjob? Nope. And strippers don't have a mentality that men use them. Most have a bitter attitude towards men because they see men at their worst, and the stripper is used to using men. She's used to being objectified as a piece of meat, but it's different. The OP doesn't have a choice to be with her and father h
  8. Oh, and I meant to add - you're not dating her. Meeting her at Denny's when she gets off shift isn't a date. It's you buying her breakfast before she goes back to her real life. You have to remember - strippers make money off guys in a variety of ways. They also use guys in a variety of ways. Every guy they grind on for $50 thinks he's special and that she has feelings for him. Every guy she takes home for $100 thinks he's special and she has feelings for him. Sorry to burst the bubble here, hon, but you're just another character in her game. Walk away, because there is nothing her
  9. Let's review. She is 18. She is a stripper. She is pregnant by her 28 year old boyfriend with whom she's still involved and plans on moving near. Soo...what's the question here?
  10. What a total douchebag! I say you tell him you'd like to tie him up, and then when you have him prone, I'd take out his special gift and start using it on him.
  11. I think it's a really sad societal commentary that the notion of a guy opening a car door for a woman sparks cries of submission, inequality, etc., and devolves into a conversation about how men shouldn't *have* to do these things, and women *shouldn't* expect it. Are we really this removed from class, manners, good breeding and simple dating etiquette that people are this defensive and this tweaked at the thought of a man opening a friggin car door? Seriously? It's pathetic.
  12. Or, women can continue to discard men who don't treat women with respect nor show manners. Like I said earlier, some guys were raised to treat women this way, and others not. If the OP finds his behavior unacceptable, then she can find a guy who will treat her like a lady. Plenty of guys like this still out there. I've met very few who don't treat women with this level of respect and manners, actually.
  13. OP - some men are raised to have manners and treat women a certain way (open car doors, hold a door at a restaurant/shop, etc., come to her door to fetch her for a date rather than beeping in the driveway, pay for dates, etc.), and others aren't. Simple as that. This guy isn't someone who believes in traditional courtship behaviors. It's up to you if it's a deal-breaker.
  14. I think you played it so "kool" right into oblivion. You gave her zero encouragement, she even asked you directly if you had fun and you joked some reply, then you got smarmy about her photos. Sounds like you kinda did everything wrong, IMO. Next time, try not to be so "kool" and hard to get/aloof/boorish. Lesson learned.
  15. He's a pig. Why would you be with him? He tells you repeatedly that if he wasn't with you, he'd go bang someone else. He's telling you you're the consolation prize. DUMP HIM.
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