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kissing with biting?


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ahha just curious what people think of this whole thang. i love a little biting here and there, dont get me wrong, just.. in the right places


when im kissing someone and all of a sudden they f*cking chomp on my lip.. im sorry but it's really not attractive. lol i don't understand how ppl think this is hot. part of being a good kisser means NOT using your teeth - learning how to be intense and passionate in other ways.. anyways, ew! lol

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Biting for me is definitely a huge turn on for me. Though I enjoy rough play like biting, scratching, hair pulling. I actually have scars on my back and forearm from a particularly rough girl I was involved with. I'd say getting roughed up is the closest thing I have to a fetish. Don't get the wrong idea, its gotta be in context. I'm not going to catch wood because some chick bites, scratches and pulls my hair; its gotta be during sex. My absolute, hands down favorite though...the ear. I don't know why, but when she reaches up while were having sex and nibbles and sucks on my ear, I have to fight not to go right then and there. Anyone else get off on that(metaphorically)?

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