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  1. Today somebody asked me if my ex had been in contact with me. I said "No" and that you hated me enough to block me from facebook and cut off all communication/ties with me. They asked me if I hated you. I said "No" and it's true. I don't really feel anything toward you anymore. You're a hazy, dim memory of a good and bad part of my life. I can't remember the little things or grand gestures you made for me. You're just another stone on the trail and I've left you far behind me now.
  2. I really wish that you would grow up. Everyday I realize that we were so caught up in our own problems and fears and insecurities but we never really liked each other much less love.
  3. Leave my mind alone or I am going to burn your stuff.
  4. If only I could have blocked you on facebook before you blocked me. Can't handle seeing my profile? How immature are you? I hope you are enjoying smoking pot by yourself and the anxiety of the future which you clearly cannot handle. I hope you find another crutch of a girl. I hope she breaks your heart. It's too bad that I wasn't able to. It's too bad you never really loved me. I hope I made you cry. Thanks for teaching me how to be strong. I need a real man not a scared little boy.
  5. I don't even know what I want to say. Maybe I miss you so much now because I have finally started to face the fact that you are gone. I have been emotionally distancing myself but the other day it hit me that I really do care about you. I still do. I don't know what is going to happen and that makes me even more scared. Why do I feel like I can forgive you even though you broke my heart? I didn't want to leave you alone. I didn't want to stop talking but deep down I knew it was best. I am so proud of myself for getting this far. I just wish that I knew how to deal with these feelings that are
  6. What am I doing? Please call me before I do something that I am going to regret.
  7. Hello, I went to that beach we went to on our first date yesterday. I didn't feel anything. I felt at peace. I had been there before you. The beach doesn't belong to you and neither do I. Spring Break is here and I am home. You are so close and yet so far. I will never go to where you live. I was a person before you. I can be a better person after you. I need to prepare myself for what is to come. The end is in sight, but with it will come a new beginning. I smoked last night even though I said I wasn't going to. It was only a little bit though. Unlike you I don't do it every single d
  8. I really wish that you would call me. You won't. You are stubborn like me. Do you still love me? Were you saying those things to not hurt my feelings? Why did you always blame everything on me? I miss you and I hate feeling this way. I hate burying my heart. I hate that I have to wait. This is a long-drawn out broken heart. I almost wish you won't even call me when these two months are up. You hurt me so badly. You lied to me. I trusted you. Why did I even trust you to begin with? Thanks for stabbing me in the back. I think about you being with another girl and it kills me. I can't do it. I wa
  9. I've haven't talked to you in 2 weeks. I haven't seen you in 3. I am not sure what hurts more. I know I wanted the NC but I have to constantly remind myself why. Every time my phone rings, I wish it was you.
  10. I really think that you need to respect his privacy and space. If he told you not to contact him, you have to stop...otherwise it comes off as harassment.
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