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Picture of your Confidence


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that's basically it. i know a lot of people post pictures of themselves and ask what is wrong with them physically or if anybody would date them.


how about posting a picture of what you think your confidence is like? if you think your confidence is like garbage, post a picture of a trash can.


then we can discuss why you think this way.

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nice siri. should put a note that it's NSFW.


Good idea for a thread.


image removed


For some odd reason, my confidence is based on anger. When I'm angry, I feel confident. When I'm not, I don't. I guess the pic is fitting.


you just want to bust out of your shell tyler and show the world what you got? do it man. but without anger.




At work:



At home:



Alone in my thoughts:



I have come to know that I am not as strong as I thought I was.


Much work to be done on ME!





so work is your best time l&h?

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