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  1. well i think the kama sutra is a bit different then playboy...kama sutra is all about honouring sexuality and finding the beauty, intimacy and connection...i would defend it to anyone who might deem my displaying it as tasteless... ofcourse my parents live 4600km away so if they were coming to visit i would hide it!
  2. I don't actually have a coffee table but it is displayed in my bookshelf...i think it's a beautiful book!
  3. That's my coffee table book...pics included!!! great conversation starter... and you can rib away, i don't mind
  4. Duma Key by Stephen King...not a big fan of Key but this book is very intriguing!
  5. we've all been tricked LOL

  6. Oh my God. I quit MySpace, and I suddenly just realized that I've been tricked into joining "MySpace". I've been Rick-rolled!!!!! Argh!!!!!! <moaning>

  7. Sweet! My first member!

  8. I joined!!!!

  9. I just want to figure out how I get people to join the social group that I created. <perplexed> I just "jettisoned" work for the afternoon I think. Oh well.

  10. Uh yea...ahaha its going to be insane!!! umm how do i find my own posts now? they used to be available through my profile...I HATE change LOL

  11. Apparently. I can see all sorts of trouble coming from this new format... and that's why I lend it my strongest endorsement. ;-)

  12. I don't get this new format!!! so everyone can see what i post here?!??! ahahah

  13. kuiks8

    this is soo weird!!! i don't get it...and it shows everyone who your friends are?!?! * * * ?!?!

  14. EQD

    heyyy!... i dont get this new ena format just yet, but here goes nothin.. and add me as a friend!

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