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Okay, so I wrote about this guy I REALLY LIKE before and I was confused about him. Him and I held hands and made out when we were drunk and then after that it was just real awkward at work. (We were also a bit more intimate in the bedroom..) and then at work after that We would just look at each other and quickly look away, and sometimes talk but it wasn't the same way that we talked before... I dunno.. I just got confused and thought, "hmm maybe he doesn't like me" and I didn't want him to think that I was soo crazy about him either so I changed my relationship status on facebook to "in a relationship" and he saw it and wrote, "grats on the boyfriend!" ... can anyone at all tell me why he may have wrote that???? .. I'm sooo confused.. I only put my status to that to make him jealous .. but i dunno anymore! helpppp meeee.

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He probably DOES like you. I mean hell, he fooled around with you so at least he thinks you're attractive. There just can be an awkwardness the next day if nothing is discussed prior, and nothing is put out in the open by either party after something happens.


I think you need to make the next move to correct this one and just call the guy. At the worst, he can say it was fun but he doesn't like you that way. If that happens, in the end, you're right here where you were, only without the anxiety. If not... then you got your answer and you're right as rain =D

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I think he is interested in making out with you but not necessarily interested in dating you. If you are interested in dating him, call him or tell him in person that you were foolish and lied about your relationship status (no need to tell him why) and ask him if he'd be interested in going on a date with you (although i think unless he is offended that you lied, he will ask you out if he is interested ind dating you).


In the future it might be a better idea to wait to hook up until you are actually on a date with someone since it seems to bother you that he didn't treat you afterwards as if he was interested in dating you.

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ya, I agree with Batya.

- He thinks that you are in a relationship with a man other than him.

- He is seeing everything as a casual thing n dropped you a line.

- From what you have written, I don't think he likes you. (Sorry, I know that is not what you want to hear) but why would a man start to behave awkwardly after making out with a woman that he is interested in?

- May be you went about it a little too soon? Do you think you guys should have dated first and then made out?

- Anyways, its past and here we are. I would say give him a call, see if you can see him in person to explain how you feel about him (and keep it at that) and explain how you expect this to go now on, everything in a calm tone with properly measured words, and see how he reacts n behaves after that.

Good luck!

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