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  1. Wow... You make an excellent point there ... He wanted to go to the movies, and i was the one that asked if we can drink before we went so i gess it pretty much is my fault... But it still wasn't appropriete.. I may have given him an idea that it's what I wanted BUT I didn't want it to go that way... I just wanted to be drunk enuf to make out with him "accidentally" if that's making any sense lol. But when we were sober and he dropped me off at my place, he grabbed my * * * as i was getting out of the car... and I don't think that was appropriete either. So I'm kinda confused
  2. Yeah, It may have been that he just wanted to take advantage of me I really liked him though. It hurts. I don't know what to do now. He even called me his girlfriend for god sake... do i "break up" with him or... ???
  3. Last night I went out with a guy that I like and he kind of got out of control. My friend's who have known him since highschool all told me that he was a really sweet guy, and shy when it came to the ladies so i decided to give him a chance. It was only the second date last night, by the way. We went to his place and a few other guys were there and everyone was drinking. I had a beer and i'm easy on alcohol lol but I remember everything. He kept giving me mor beer until he "thought" I was drunk. When we were alone in the house he started making out with me, for the first time, and he also started getting all touchy. I think he was kind of drunk as well. I didn't mind him touching me at first but then it got more serious. He tried to put his hand down my pants and my shirt and everytime he tried I pushed his hand away. Then he started asking why I wouldn't let him touch me I was kind of drunk, I admit but sober enuf to stop him. Now I'm having second thoughts about him. Does he like "me" or does he just want me for my body and sex? I want to take things a lot more slow. What's the best advice for this situation? Thanks.
  4. Yeah, I agree that they mostly only like me because of my looks ... but it has opened me up and made me self-confident. And that kid didn't dump me on Valentine's day, it was just a little crush and he just said that he didn't like me back. But I love the attention. It's brought so many advantages to my personality.
  5. Post Has Been Deleted.
  6. I was just curious ... and i like hearing other people's opinions... altho, they wudn't change my mind about a guy ... i'm totally into this guy, short or not i dont care... he's sweet, really cute... and all together irresistible
  7. wow that totally makes sense ...haha it's my new favorite quote!!! ...Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
  8. lolz ... I'm 5'9 and the guy i like is 5'5 or 5'6 i'd say ... would that look weird going out with him??
  9. There's this guy that I work with, lets call him S. and since i've met him I thought we was really cute, but I never thought anything would happen between us... cuz i didn't think he was into me at all haha... anyway, last night at work this guy told him that I thought he was cute and stuff and he just laughed and then the guy's like "she's pretty..." and stuff ..and S. is like "ya she is pretty, i like the way she dresses" ...and when my friend told me that I was soo excited!! ...hahah ya anyway, after I came back, S. was talking to me more and he asked me for my email address and before I left I said bye to him and he's like "cya! i'll add u!" ...lol ya and I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo into him!! and i feel this strong connection between us! I stayed up thinking of him all night!!!!!!! ...ya he's totally fine and stuff but there's just one problem... he's shorter than me he's like up to my shoulders...lol I would wanna go out with him but i'd feel like a giganto or sumthing!! ...should I let that come in the way of this beautiful thing? Also, a question for the ladies, would you go out with a guy shorter than you? Be honest please!!! Thanks!
  10. Dress reallllly sexxxy!!!!! Give A LOT of eye contact!!!! and sexxxy body language ...lol when you first talk to him the first thing to say is, "hi, i'm ____, how's it going?" ...lol this all worked for me twice!!!!! ...my best advice ...just be confident!!!!
  11. hey icemotoboy...but he DID like me!!!! i know that he did!!!! wanna know why????????????????????/ ...he used to sit there and stare at me the way that i stared at him ...lol if a guy isn't interested in a girl would he do that??...and he used to wave to me whenever he saw me!!! ...i also got a girl to talk to him for me and when she talked to him she said "do u like her?" and HE said "yeah, she's hot" ...AND he asked me for my number!!!! but didn't call i just think he's too shy to admit it because he was reallllly shy when i first talked to him!!!! he BARELY said a word to me...cuz the first time i talked to him i was standing at the front of work when he walked in and i said "hey! wutz up!?!" and he jus gave me a real scared look and didn't say anything...he just walked past me lol ...then before he left he quickly said "k ..cya" ...if that's not shy, i dunno wut is ...so you CAN'T tell me that he didn't like me cuz thas enough evidence!!!!!!!!!!! don't you think?????????????
  12. whoa icemotoboy u are sooo cute!!!...lol but i hav 2 disagree with u reallli like this guy that i've liked for like A LOOONG time now! and that is sooo not cool!!!! i saw him again on the bus yesterday and we talked and he was being sooooooooo sweet that i fell for him all over again!!! He won't admit that he liked me when more than a few people told me that he did!! i wanna kno how he feels about me and if he has actually liked me before when he said he did and stuff like that...i almost love this kid
  13. lol i wanna know it would be great!!!! and i wouldn't be so confused
  14. hey, are there any psychic's in da house????? lol i desperately need one ...when the hell will i find a guy to love me??? it feels like i'm never going to find anyone and i'm sooo lonely
  15. well i only started talking to him cuz he asked me for my number and i thought he liked me...jeez he's sooo f*cked up!!! ..people were right, he's stuck up!.... it's weird how u can be sooo wrong about a person! i'm not trusting myself into liking anyone anymor ...my life sucks.
  16. soaking_wet


    hey, ok so there was this guy that i used to like and i "thought" we was shy because of what people had told me and people told me that he liked me too and stuff...well today i talked to him online and i actually had the guts to ask him stuff...anyway, i told him that i really liked him bak then and i asked why he never called me and this is what he said..."well cuz i was trying to hook up with another girl at the time..." and i asked him if he liked me and he said "well i dunno, i never really got a chance to know you..." and then i told him that people told me that he liked me and he said "well i didnt tell that guy or that girl...blah blah blah" ...and i don't believe a thing that he said cuz he used to ALWAYS look at me and wave at me and pay attention to me wen i was around and he used to always ask about me when i wasn't there...and this girl talked to him about me right in front of me and asked if he liked me and he said "yeah, she's hot..."...i know that it's the past but my prespectives of this guy completely changed! i used to think he was sweet and cute and nice and stuff and now i just think he's a stuck up jerk!!!! why is he denying it??????????? ...i don't like him anymor but it still bugs me!!!!!!! ...any advice please
  17. Shy guys turn me on...lol this shy guy that wasn't soo attractive but kinda cute liked me and when i found out he was into me he'd give me all this eye contact and i just loooved it! shy guys are adorable...i became OBSESSED over him lol and people didn't understand why...only i did...we communicated with eyes and it was sexy...but he didn't make a move when he knew that he had a 100% chance with me! thats the only thing that sucked...so stop being scared and if you know someone really likes you, go for it! ...or you'll never know
  18. Confuzedboy, there's this guy that i used to like and you remind me of him...i mean he was reallly shy! the first time i talked to him this was how it went...he walks in and looks and me and i say, "hey..." and he just quickly looks away and continues walking lol doesn't even say anything back and apparently he liked me cuz someone had told me he did..then he goes to the washroom and comes around the other way and before he leaves he says a quick "k cya..." i was like "wuts up wid that?!!" lol but i just talked to him more and made him feel comfortable around me by being so nice and always saying hi and then he'd just come up to me himself and talk...but he never asked me out lol and that's what i wanted most...i did break SOME shyness ...but not as much as i needed .. [edited by mod for unrelated content]
  19. I Love Tall Guys!!!! Hot Hot Hot!.... [edited by mod for unrelated content]
  20. he probly didn't wave back because he probly thought u were waving to someone behind him or sumthing...thats wut i thought wen the guy i had a huge thing for first waved to me ..then he started waving every day and i waved back so my advice to u...wave to him every day lol... [edited by mod for unrelated content]
  21. lol i'm sorry cluelessguy...i'm really imature (kinda proud to admit it) and i'm sure no mature guy in the 20's would want anything to do with me...yet (lol)...right now i'm more into 17 and 18 yr olds and i think it will stay that way for a while...sorry but ya atleast i learned to say no
  22. reallly?!!! lol wow i'm scariing a 25 year old! hehe i feel so special..if i can scare you, i can scare anyone!
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