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Id like to just have my say too with regards to my situation.


Basically a girl started at work, we hit it off so well, weeks later her bf was dumped (not sure if for me) same night she txs me saying shes been thinking about me etc.


week or so later we start casually seeing each other but i make it clear its only casual.


anyway we are kissing etc and the next day I say I dont want anything heavy and fend her off.


She says she would like to start a relationship and i say yeah maybe that could happen, lets see how it goes.


The exact following day of saying that to her I again say nothing is going to happen.


Then a few days later I say i like someone else (why i dont know as i dont like this other girl, i used to but not anymore) and that weekend she gets back with her bf.


The next week we start getting close again and kiss and after a works night out we end up sleeping together (shes still with her bf).


The next day after sleeping together I say we are friends etc as we arnt going out, she says shes annoyed as she thought it meant something sleeping together, i agreed saying it did mean something, was a great night etc.


Anyway over the next few days shes back into her bf and i get a tx early one morning 4 days after sleeping with her saying that she has chosen her bf.


I work with this girl and she says she wants us to be close friends etc but the trouble is a like her now (maybe cause i slept with her??) and i cant seem to get her outa my mind!! maybe thats cause its something i cant have or whatever? she literally sits near me at work and we get on so great like we are meant to be together etc.


I have told her how i feel as in i have feelings for her and ive realised i wana give it ago with her but no luck!! I know its only been under a week since i slept with her and maybe shes feeling extremely guilty about it all.

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Yes, I think you've blown your chance. Honestly, what did you expect her to do? You told her how many times that you didn't want anything serious with her, and NOW you want her becuase she doesn't want you and has gone back to her ex? Granted, she's wishy-washy too, as ghost said, because she left her ex for you practically overnight and then went back with him, but over the course of a very brief period you seem to have changed your mind about her several times. No offense, but...sending mixed signals isn't cool, and you can't expect her to just be thrilled to jump into your arms after you told her you didn't want her, but then slept with her, etc. Count this as a lesson learned.

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Yeah I have been so stupid!! im nearly 30 so I should know better!!


Basically though I wanted things to progress further and sleeping with her was a step towards that, but I handled the situation bad the day after and im paying for that now!


But like you say I shall learn from this and play it as it comes in the future! we still get on great which is good.

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