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First time having anal sex


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so last night my b/f and i went to have anal and he almost broke my bum b/c he didn't follow the very very important steps, i am copying and pasting something i wrote in another anal thread:


you have to be sooo turned on to do it...my guy knows he has to have me begging for it or it to happen...he knows he can get me this way by kissing my back, my butt, my inner thighs, all down my legs...fingering me and just general teasing...

and he gently presses against the opening and rubs my clit with his penis...and when i am finally ready i have to completely relax it always hurts for about 5 seconds...so i tell him to stay still once he is in...and i wait for the pain to pass and then i start to move against him...i think this is key...wait for the pain to pass...and once it does that is when the fun begins and it is the BEST feeling....also i find it works best if we do it missionary so he can finger me while being inside....soo much sensation it's ridiculous...


so to review:

super turned on

lights off (helps to feel more comfortable with afterwards)

lots of lube

relax everything (deep breathing helps)

once in wait for pain to pass

go wild!!!



I personally don't need lube but i would recommend it for your first time for sure...do it with the lights off and have some wipes by the side of the bed...i always bleed a bit when we do it...it doesn't smell and i have never had an experience with any of the other stuff and i have done it a lot!

Good luck!

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kuiks, do u think anal fingering is a good way to begin? or just try and go straight to anal sex?


i ask b/c anal fingering was pretty nice. but i'm hesitant to (ever! lol) try anal sex.. not sure if i would be able to handle i guess


for sure that is a good place to start...if you are enjoying it that is probably a good indication! see if he can maybe go deeper, harder etc and see how you feel about that...


last night was a really good reminder to me that it has to be done in a certain way or it is immensely painful!!!!


there is a barrier that needs to be crossed carefully and a bit of pain and then it's really good!

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Ok. i really need some questions answered for my first time.

do you absolutely need lube?

does he have to wear a condom?

does any 'you-know-what' get on his penis? ew..

will it smell?

what do i do before hand to prepare myself?


thanx for ur help guys!


1.Yes. Yes, and then some more yes. You have to keep adding to it also. Use condom friendly lube.


2. He doesn't have to but that leads to


3. Possibly. Unless you enema, but that's not recommended.


4. Not during.


5. Relax.


If anal play isn't something you've done before then don't go right for a penis, work up with fingers ect to get yourself used to the sensation and the differences in anal and vaginal sex.

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I've heard of various cases where yea.. feces gets on the penis.

not much though (usually). but it's a bad bad idea to swtich from anal to vaginal sex. you dont want feces (=bacteria) getting into you vagina as it causes nasty infections.


when i did anal fingering with my bf he was surprised No feces came on his hands. I always showered really well before so that MAY help a bit if you try anything anal

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do you absolutely need lube? no, but it cant hurt to use it

does he have to wear a condom? no, but you should unless you are monogamous and have been tested. some people prefer to use a condom

does any 'you-know-what' get on his penis? it can, but i have never experienced that

will it smell? nope, well i never have smelled it, maybe the guy has

what do i do before hand to prepare myself? i like to have my anus fingered before hand to relax and open it up a bit. def need to be relaxed.

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Lots and lots of lube.


I didn't use any lube apart from my ex's saliva first few times we had anal. Wasn't pleasant. at all.


As Kuiks said, wait for the pain and new sensation of being in...there, lol, to pass before either of you start moving.


If you follow these tips you should be fine!


Have fun

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