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I can't believe I'm going to be single for another year, according to psychic it'll be spring/summer before I have love in my life. Bummer! ](*,)I also know I've blown guys off so I could have been with someone just opted to be single, and well now I'm not so sure I want to be single, but at the same time I'm not so sure I want to be involved. I just hate being alone.


Okay I'm real rigid when it comes to flirting these days. I'm just not my confident, happy, go-lucky self. And now that my mom said it's better to be involved with the wrong guy than no guy I'm thinking I really should have taken up some previous offers, when I was a little less rigid. I don't know I just wanted to whine. Whose to say those dates would have lasted, but in my head one would have at least.


The pressure to move on is building so my ex knows I'm not waiting around for him. 'Cause I just have this feeling he thinks I'm here to fall back on and I want that feeling to go away real quick like. Any suggestions? Can fight the forces that be really. On the upside one of the psychics did say there might be someone before but nothing that lasts. I just have to put myself out there I guess. At least now that I have a plan for life it helps, but college student isn't really appealing on the dating site when you're 34.

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Don't listen to psychics, and don't listen to your mom. Both are giving bad advice/information. If the pressure to move on is building, then maybe you shouldn't be trying so hard to move on. Just live your life. And on the dating site, who cares if you're a student? You're trying to make a better life for yourself. Someone who's worthy would see that.

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And now that my mom said it's better to be involved with the wrong guy than no guy


Has it occurred to you that Mom is wrong? And that the psychic could be wrong? In what way is it better to just have someone around than no one? So you can go through yet another heartache, get more jaded, have another experience to take away confidence in your judgment? That's just downright stupid.


You can have love in your life in many ways and they don't always involve romantic love. You have to love yourself. Before you can be in a successful relationship, you have to be ok with being alone. Maybe this year is just what you need!!! I took a year off after dumping my ex Jerkface and it was the best thing I could have done. It was a blast.


Don't listen to the psychic OR your mom. Just stay in today and do what's in front of you to do.

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Its the eternal problem for us women in our 30s.


Mostly caused by societal pressure ,and what we feel our life picture *should * look like at our *age*...


And frankly your mum is wrong. It is NOR better to be with the wrong man than no man. The wrong man can scar you for life and make you blind and jaded when the *right* man DOES come along.


Lots of people waste years of their life on the wrong man.. Dont do it.


And as for psychics, i mean some are good some arent, you really have to take it with a grain of salt. Ive seen a few psychics, and im a believer, but there are a lot of shonks out there.

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I have been on a couple of dates and I can't believe I considered being with them. Not that they are bad people, just that I have no feelings towards them and I do not want to get caught up in being with someone just for the sake of. Its probably not worth it. I am living proof that beggars can be choosers.

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