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  1. I joined it this week officially and already I'm getting so much information, workshops, places to go, etc. It's awesome! It's totally fun for me, I can't make it all of it but I go when I can. I wasn't able to share my song with the group on the first meeting I attended because I didn't have time to go home and pick it up, so I will on Tuesday. They even had a rush of new members! Unreal! I'm more excited because I've had a few fortune teller types tell me I'll meet my soul mate through this group! So of course I want to give the best impression I can and I'm really hoping to meet people to collaborate with, perform ultimately once I feel comfortable with my music, and just finally express my ideas! I have so many some have been stolen and are in the world because I didn't know the art of copy writing, I was doing it wrong and thanks to this group I have learned how to do it properly. As for sharing, I will eventually. There's some hoops I need to jump through first, due to the loss of some songs that meant a lot to me I hesitate to share publicly.
  2. NC Status: Day 13 I don't get it... Today has been unusually hard for me for some reason... I can't keep myself strong and motivated for whatever reason... I keep getting this eerie feeling like something big is going to happen really soon, and it is bothering my entire being because I cannot detect the nature of it... I've been trying several different things to get it off my mind, but it still sits there... I don't claim to be some kind of psychic or anything out of the ordinary like that, but in the past every time I've had that feeling something big has happened a few days later... It's just this annoying feeling in the back of my mind... I don't feel like I can trust it this time because of what I am going through now, but it still continues to haunt me. Anyone else ever experience a feeling like that? What do they mean??
  3. Im catholic, and i as just wondering......is fortune telling and psychic readings against the catholic religion. I kno that astrology is in a way against the religion, burt only if it is used as a basis of life. If any one has info on whether or not these are against the religion i would appreciate it.
  4. Hey and thanx for reading. I've posted here a few times now after breaking up with my bf of one year. We broke up because of his commitment and communications issues and the fact that it always seemed like he was keeping me at a distance. He also said that he felt like I didn't trust him but truth is, the reason I didn't is because a lot of times I had this gut feeling like he was lying to me or making somethign up. And I caught him lying too a few times. Its been about 3 weeks and we've still been in contact by email. Anyways, my sister has been telling me to go see this psychic that she and a bunch of her friends have seen as well (and everything this guy has said was dead-on for all of them) I went to see this psychic finally and I feel like I finally got the closure I needed! He told me lots of wonderful things that are coming my way. And about my ex, he told me he brings lots of negative energy and bad vibes and that I should stay far away from him! He also said that he has been very dishonest with me. He said I should get rid of any letters or pictures I may have of him because all it will bring me is bad luck! He also told me a lot of things about myself, my life, friends etc. that were dead-on (without me saying a word). Anyways, its not like I'm basing my life on what this guy said..but I definitely feel a huge sense of relief now and I know that I am going to be fine and that I will have a very happy year in 2007. So if anyone out there believes in that sort of thing, I strongly recommend it! I finally feel like I can let go and move on now without worrying about the future. Good luck to everyone out there!
  5. I went to see a psychic on Monday and she was really good. She described my partner down to a tee (his ways, not his appearance). She said to me that I'm looking for a progression in the relationship and that I'll be a step in the right direction next year. She said I won't get what I'm wanting next year, but I'll be a step in the right direction!!! She said that at the moment I see myself as being on the other side of a wall to everyone else and they're all just passing me by. She also told me that I have psychic abilities, which I have been told previously by other psychics. Does anyone else believe in psychics? i find it all really fascinating.
  6. I ask a psychic to predict the outcome of this pregnancy I asked In September before I found out that I was pregnant already. I wonder if you can help me figure out what she meant. I asked I am wondering if you can predict when I will conceive, sex of the child, and if the child will be born healthy. I am trying to conceive my second child. I have a 16 month old. I had a miscarriage in May 2006. Psychic response: I see you will have 2 boys then...conception is December. (She was wrong about conception) What I am trying to guess does she mean I will have twins? I wonder this cause I have one boy already and another would make 2.
  7. heya everyone! hope everyones good and well! well i'm getting to this point were i want to have a psychic reading. I have so much going on and would like some guidance. I was just wondering if anyone could help me if they knew any free psychic people. because i've been looking around and a session is way over £50. Thanks
  8. I often dream about something and the strangest things happen.. Last night I dreamt that I had sex (I'm actually in a long-term relationship)with a collague of mine and then I woke up this morning and saw that he had left a message on my cellphone He wrote: "Looks like we're going to work together later after all my boss changed my work hours from 12 to 8, and yours from 4 to 8 instead since one of the other staff is sick. Have a nice day. I'll see ya " And then a week before that I dreamt that I was laying in a bed full of cat hair (I'm allergic to cat hair), I then woke up later and started sneezing. Felt as if my nose was stuffed with cat hair. 2 weeks before that again... I took a nap before a party, but I didn't put on an alarm. I just fell asleep. And then I dreamt that I was almost late for the party, and I woke up and I saw that I had slept too much and that I was almost late..! And there are several times when I'm a sleep when I can hear my parnets talking clearly about something when they're sitting far away from my room. Feels like I'm sleeping but I can hear voices in my head. And then I get up for breakfast, and suddenly their conversation from my "dream"strikes my mind and I start asking questions about what I heard in my sleep. My parents are like did you hear that? We were almost whispering!" And sometimes when I'm asleep I get this out-of-body experience. It's not something drastic like looking at my own body. I just feel that at first when I fall asleep, I get pulled down in my bed so tightly, like something's dragging you down in the bed. And then suddenly I start to float upwards..! There are also times when I'm asleep that I can control my dreams. I wake up IN my dream, and I feel that I'm aware that I'm dreaming, but I can't get out of it. I then often think consciously in my dream and then the stuff happens. Like, "I'm wearing a wig" (just an example) and then I'm suddenly in a wig in my dream...! AAAhhh... Just had to let it out! Thanks!
  9. This is a strange one. One Dream, two parts. Part One: I'm in a long low chamber of some kind. A white figure is beside me, I know he's male, and white, but I can't see his face. Suddenly I'm aware of a thin, small, very well made, delicate dagger in his hand. He says "this is for your sins, you'll fel so much better". Despite my saying "NO", he grabs my right index finger and draws blood from it with the dagger. I'm shocked. Part Two: My father, for some reason, has picked me up in his car and now we're headed home. Home, though, is a different house, fairly nice, with a slated roof. And there is a huge, huge snake - like an anaconda - gracing the house. I have a voice in my head , "the snakes are taking over the world, they ARE", and it's scary as heck. Inside the house, a pile of dead snakes randomly sit around. There's an art studio in this house. it's full of very childlike paintings. My mother comes in and says - "Yes, you can tell what's happening, look the paintings are growing". As I stare at them, they appear bigger and bigger. More random images of a snake. Then I wake up. huh? I believe, traditionally, snakes and blood are all about energy or psychic energy or something. Any insights from the floor?
  10. Hi. I'm confused with this girl. I'm receiving some mixed signals from her and besides this, there is the ex-boyfriend problem. To make a long story short, let's start. We are friends for a long time and maybe 3 years ago she was interested in me, but I was the one that was not interested as she was going to study to another town. During that time we have speak on the phone and we see each other every 15 days when she came to spend the weekend at home. Now, this summer we have started to have some more conversations and we have spent a lot of time together and some long conversations on MSN. In August we have spend a weekend together with some friends. We have drive only the two of us as our friends where already there and it was a nice drive with long conversations, both when we where going as on the return. By that time I was thinking that she didn't have a boyfriend, what is partially true as in that weekend I've seen some strange reactions and change of moods when his phone rings . When we where returning after the weekend I've asked her what was going on and she as told me about his ex-boyfriend and that she as quitted the relation with him due to some infidelity from him, but the guy continues to phone her saying that he love her and only now he as realized what he as done, that he wants to recon ciliate with her, stuff like that. She as told me that during +/- 1 year that they have been together, it was more the time they where pissed with each other. The feeling that I've stayed was that she still loves this guy, even that she told me that she as told to his ex that they could be friends. After that weekend we have continued to see each other and speaking on MSN. I've been sick and she as cared of how I was. One day, we where speaking on MSN and she as told me about some messages that she was receiving on his mail and asked me if I could tell her from who they where. She as sent me the messages to my email and the messages where from a psychic. I've told her that they where SPAM and explained what SPAM was and I forget about the messages. The next day, I was clearing my mail and I've seen the messages and I've read one of them where this psychic mentions a Scorpio that is in love with her. This was repeated in all the SPAM messages that she as received. I'm confused with this. First I don't believe in psychics and that's not what is making me confused. My confusion is that she knows I'm a Scorpio and maybe this was a test from her or will she send me the messages anyway even if another sign was mentioned? The day after this messages story, she as left to where she is studding and she will arrive tomorrow. During that time, I've sent her some text messages and phone calls, but I've seen that his reaction was not as it was before she as left. Just before she as left, she need a ride to take the bus and one of our mutual friends as told her to ask me but I only have heard my name and didn't realized what they where talking about and have only realized it when she as asked me and another couple who could give her a ride and the couple as answered that they will go just before she as asked . I've tryed to offer the ride so I could be alone with her and get some more feelings from her, but that couple didn't let me . I'm confused with all this. First there is this old boyfriend story where everybody says to her to forget him and his phone calls and messages, but I know that sometimes she answers the phone or responds to his messages. She as told me that one of this days and this to me is a bad sign, both in the sense that she still is in love with him and also in the sense that when she tells me that I'm being put in the "lets just be friends" category . On the other side, sometimes I see that she loves me and likes to spend time with me! What can you people say about this? Thanks, Mike
  11. About a month ago I had this very scary dream that worms were crawling under my skin and it felt very real. I was walking out of a big prom-like party of some sort and was dressed up nicely walking towards my limo by myself and I looked down and saw bumps all over my arms that were moving. I looked closer and tiny holes were in the bumps. I realized they were worms crawling under my skin and I tried to pick one out of the hole but just as I got close to pulling it out, it shot back into my arm. The dream was so intense that I actually woke up panicky. A couple weeks later I had the same dream again except I was in a bathroom talking to an unfamiliar person and there was something crawling under my skin. This time it was a beetle and whenever I tried to run out and go to the hospital, things kept blocking my way so I couldn't leave. These dreams really disturbed me so I went to talk to a psychic. She said that maybe people in my life weren't my true friends, but that didn't seem to make much sense. Then the other day my mom woke up and told me she had a dream of worms crawling under her skin. The weird thing was, it was EXACTLY like the dream I had, where she would go to pull one out and they shot back into her arm. I told her about how I dreamt of worms crawling under my skin but not about them shooting back into my arm so I got this weird eerie feeling when she told me that. I was just wondering if anyone knows what this dream could possibly mean and why my mom would have the same one???
  12. hey, are there any psychic's in da house????? lol i desperately need one ...when the hell will i find a guy to love me??? it feels like i'm never going to find anyone and i'm sooo lonely
  13. "If You've Ever Made a Consultation With a Psychic Regarding Your Love Life, Either Recently or In The Past, Read On..... " When we are desperate in life, especially when it comes to romance issues, often we seek out "extra help", and such a help can be in a form of a psychic consultation. There are many deceitful psychics who just want to scam your money, but many are genuine as well. I would like to know if any of you take seriously the recommendations/facts that a psychic ever told you? Just to be honest, a couple months ago I talked to one. An honest one actually. What for? Here's the story been very close friends with a girl/woman, and I have fallen for her for a long time. She just got out of a very bad 6-year relationship about 8 months ago, and that's why I am taking things easily with her. We have shared a lot of good times together, plus a few hugs and kisses, but I don't want to force her into a commitment, for I value her very much, and would not want to impose any pressure to her. We are officially "friends", but I think we both know that we're more than that, albeit not official. I really would love to end up with her someday, and possibly spend the rest of my life with her. But in the past I've been hurt really badly by other people, so this time I am being careful and trying not to put my heart on my sleeve. Out of curiosity, I talked (emailed) to the psychic (believe me she is quite accurate. She could describe how I looked like in great details, without even seeing my photo!), just to get some assessments about our lives in general. While some of the things that she said were accurate, some were not. For instance, she told me that I should not get involved when I am not ready, and that I should not try to create a relationship blindly. Well that statement kind of upset me actually. I'm a very cheerful and positive person in general, and I just would like to share my life with someone. Often in the subway I see couples who are so in love with each other, and I often wish I were with that girl. I am not a desperate person. I'm 22 and I don't think I'm too young to have a girlfriend, as I believe most of you would agree. I have a very busy life, taking care of my (heavy) school loads, running my Internet venture, going out with friends,etc. but she always stays in my heart, and can't wait to give her all that I have to offer. The psychic also told me that she knew I was planning to give a ring to the girl, and she advised me not to do it, or else I'd end up being hurt. Well that was not true at all! While it would be a dream come true if I could marry the girl, that's my future plan, and for right now I just want a solid commitment with her, and I am asking for nothing more than that. I am concentrating on finishing my education now, and giving the girl a ring is the last thing in my mind right now. Another sad thing that the psychic said was that while the girl and I make extremely good friends, romantically it wouldn't work. Well we've known each other for 3 years now, and since the first day I met her, we've never been into a single fight; let alone an argument. We share the same views of life, believe in many same things, have very similar interests, and even the same religion. We simply get along really well (too well, I'd say), and I really don't understand how we can't work out a romantic relationship. I believe a strong friendship is the base of a strong relationship/marriage, don't you agree? I'm not putting the blame on the psychic of course. She is only human, and I don't think any psychics on the face of the earth can be 100% accurate all the time. I could spend the whole evening writing about this, but my questions are these: - From your experience of going to a (genuine) psychic, did all the predictions come true? Do you really put your life to their words, or do you trust your own guts? - Have you ever been told something really bad/sad by a psychic, only to discover later that the outcome turned out to be the opposite (i.e: really good)? - Do you think that a person's future soulmate/wife/husband has been predetermined at this point in time? Or our actions/believes shape our destiny? I've been thinking about her words a lot, and if it's indeed true that I wouldn't end up with the girl anyway, then may be I shall stop trying to win the girl's heart. My heart doesn't say that though; I am genuinely in love with her and would be willing to wait indefinitely until her heart really heals. But if our destiny has been cast in stone, then I might as well stop trying, as I am tired and scared of getting hurt. I would truly appreciate your comments/views. Have yourself a nice day!
  14. If you were told by a predictor (fortune teller) who almost everthing seems to come true (a predictor with a sixth sense) that from now into the future that in 3, 10 years later or so, you were going to be cheated on, then what would you do? Would you be allow to prevent that future from coming true? Notice I'm just saying if. Or would you dare to just think of the predictor as a carzy woman, mad doctor. Also forgot to add, the future cheating scene is played byt he predictor, so you'll get to know how it'll happen and how serious the cheating would be, in all vivid images, would be be able to stop it form coming true, fi so how, or not believe him/her?
  15. okay, i dont know if you all believe in pyschics, but march 1st was my b-day and i got a free chat with one for 10 minutes...she tells me this.. [3/5/2006 7:06:14 PM]ash15 [3/5/2006 7:06:19 PM]Raven birthday [3/5/2006 7:06:20 PM]ash15 good, u? [3/5/2006 7:06:21 PM]Raven [3/5/2006 7:06:24 PM]ash15 [3/5/2006 7:06:24 PM]Raven well [3/5/2006 7:06:28 PM]Raven can I do for you? [3/5/2006 7:06:30 PM]ash15 this cost money? [3/5/2006 7:06:35 PM]Raven is supposed to [3/5/2006 7:06:44 PM]Raven you seem to have gotten the free bday 10 min [3/5/2006 7:06:49 PM]ash15 : oh ok [3/5/2006 7:06:56 PM]Raven can I do for you? [3/5/2006 7:07:14 PM]ash15 what does the future hold for me? [3/5/2006 7:07:20 PM]Raven in general? [3/5/2006 7:07:24 PM]ash15 [3/5/2006 7:07:29 PM]Raven : ok just a moment [3/5/2006 7:07:31 PM]ash15 about my boyfriend [3/5/2006 7:07:35 PM]Raven first name? [3/5/2006 7:07:37 PM]ash15 [3/5/2006 7:07:42 PM]ash15 john [3/5/2006 7:07:47 PM]ash15 we call him sam [3/5/2006 7:07:49 PM]Raven [3/5/2006 7:07:51 PM]Raven bdate? [3/5/2006 7:07:59 PM]ash15 [3/5/2006 7:08:08 PM]Raven : ok [3/5/2006 7:08:27 PM]Raven general for you [3/5/2006 7:08:31 PM]Raven shows to do better [3/5/2006 7:08:38 PM]Raven a raise or an increase in what you have [3/5/2006 7:08:44 PM]ash15 [3/5/2006 7:08:51 PM]Raven with Sam seem to get closer [3/5/2006 7:08:55 PM]Raven of cups [3/5/2006 7:09:01 PM]Raven is a deepening of affection [3/5/2006 7:09:08 PM]Raven is some travel shown here [3/5/2006 7:09:11 PM]Raven : probably in summer [3/5/2006 7:09:14 PM]Raven be a move [3/5/2006 7:09:16 PM]ash15 [3/5/2006 7:09:17 PM]Raven be a trip [3/5/2006 7:09:26 PM]Raven are at a new junction in your life [3/5/2006 7:09:29 PM]Raven new threshold [3/5/2006 7:09:36 PM]Raven celebration is coming [3/5/2006 7:09:41 PM]Raven : probably late spring or early summer [3/5/2006 7:09:44 PM]Raven a party [3/5/2006 7:09:50 PM]ash15 kind of celebration? [3/5/2006 7:09:57 PM]ash15 : oh ok [3/5/2006 7:09:58 PM]Raven celebration [3/5/2006 7:09:59 PM]Raven [3/5/2006 7:10:01 PM]ash15 [3/5/2006 7:10:02 PM]Raven shows me a party [3/5/2006 7:10:09 PM]ash15 about family? my brother? [3/5/2006 7:10:15 PM]Raven : one warning [3/5/2006 7:10:20 PM]Raven careful about birth control [3/5/2006 7:10:27 PM]ash15 you mean? [3/5/2006 7:10:37 PM]Raven mean pregnancy is a strong potential for you [3/5/2006 7:10:39 PM]Raven be careful [3/5/2006 7:10:45 PM]ash15 : ok [3/5/2006 7:10:55 PM]Raven brother is going thru some changes [3/5/2006 7:11:09 PM]Raven shows a lot of shifts here [3/5/2006 7:11:13 PM]Raven needs to be honest [3/5/2006 7:11:14 PM]ash15 [3/5/2006 7:11:18 PM]Raven seems to be covering something up [3/5/2006 7:11:20 PM]Raven : or denying something [3/5/2006 7:11:23 PM]ash15 [3/5/2006 7:11:31 PM]Raven that can ultimately get him in deep trouble [3/5/2006 7:11:37 PM]ash15 [3/5/2006 7:11:41 PM]Raven has potential for a happy future [3/5/2006 7:11:46 PM]Raven he needs to stop lying [3/5/2006 7:11:51 PM]ash15 right [3/5/2006 7:12:27 PM]Raven doesnt understand [3/5/2006 7:12:28 PM]Raven be careful and make sure of birth control [3/5/2006 7:12:33 PM]Raven : pregnancy is a strong possibility [3/5/2006 7:12:39 PM]Raven right now [3/5/2006 7:12:41 PM]Raven dont need it [3/5/2006 7:12:47 PM]ash15 i really dont [3/5/2006 7:12:54 PM]Raven take good care to protect yourself [3/5/2006 7:12:58 PM]ash15 about my parents? [3/5/2006 7:13:03 PM]Raven parents arent happy [3/5/2006 7:13:12 PM]Raven is a lot of stress there [3/5/2006 7:13:12 PM]ash15 what [3/5/2006 7:13:15 PM]Raven be money [3/5/2006 7:13:16 PM]ash15 there is [3/5/2006 7:13:20 PM]Raven be marital troubles [3/5/2006 7:13:26 PM]Raven they show a lot of tension [3/5/2006 7:13:29 PM]ash15 [3/5/2006 7:13:30 PM]Raven a possible split [3/5/2006 7:13:36 PM]Raven lot of anger there [3/5/2006 7:13:44 PM]ash15 : oh [3/5/2006 7:13:49 PM]Raven to me [3/5/2006 7:13:55 PM]Raven they need to learn to talk to one another [3/5/2006 7:13:58 PM]Raven than shouting [3/5/2006 7:14:00 PM]Raven : or shutting up [3/5/2006 7:14:03 PM]ash15 [3/5/2006 7:14:05 PM]Raven talk around the problem [3/5/2006 7:14:10 PM]Raven dont address it directly [3/5/2006 7:14:10 PM]ash15 [3/5/2006 7:14:15 PM]Raven it makes things worse [3/5/2006 7:14:17 PM]Raven : pushes them apart [3/5/2006 7:14:22 PM]Raven could wind up either separated [3/5/2006 7:14:24 PM]ash15 about my brother, how many children do you see for him? [3/5/2006 7:14:25 PM]Raven : or divorced this year [3/5/2006 7:14:29 PM]ash15 : oh [3/5/2006 7:14:30 PM]Raven at least [3/5/2006 7:14:32 PM]Raven more later [3/5/2006 7:14:41 PM]ash15 many will i have? [3/5/2006 7:14:44 PM]Raven sure hon [3/5/2006 7:14:48 PM]Raven choose your future [3/5/2006 7:14:51 PM]ash15 [3/5/2006 7:14:54 PM]Raven isnt something that just happens [3/5/2006 7:14:55 PM]Raven now [3/5/2006 7:14:58 PM]ash15 [3/5/2006 7:15:01 PM]Raven could wind up pregnant in a few weeks [3/5/2006 7:15:04 PM]Raven choose wisely [3/5/2006 7:15:09 PM]ash15 [3/5/2006 7:15:20 PM]ash15 else i need to know? [3/5/2006 7:15:21 PM]Raven will have at least two.. possibly three [3/5/2006 7:15:26 PM]Raven to take care of yourself [3/5/2006 7:15:29 PM]ash15 : ok [3/5/2006 7:15:37 PM]Raven you can help it [3/5/2006 7:15:40 PM]ash15 : ok [3/5/2006 7:15:45 PM]Raven take care [3/5/2006 7:15:48 PM]ash15 [3/5/2006 7:15:49 PM]Raven have a good night [3/5/2006 7:15:50 PM]Raven [3/5/2006 7:15:53 PM]ash15 2 okay, this is where i am complete scared!! the pregnancy part...the part that mostly scares me is the part where she says that right now pregnancy is a possibility...me and my boyfriend have always used the pull out method our whole 1 and a half we have been together...a couple of nights ago he cummed in me, and i was on my period when we had sex, so we figured it wouldnt matter...yes, its nasty...but i need help, im scared to death! can people get pregnant while on period?! I believe her because she hit the nail on the head about a BUNCH of stuff! Like my brother, he is in a lot of trouble right now, in rehab and all, and my parents do have a lot of stress...and im worried about them divorcing now too!! Does anyone believe in psychics?!? please help!!! im worried!!!
  16. I decided one day, for fun to have a psychic reading. The lady gave me an 800 number so I called her. She told me that my husband was going through some tough times, that he was his own worst enemy; THIS IS TRUE! But, she also told me that he has a spell on him that has caused him to leave me emotionally and physically, and the witch who sent it forth was an "Evil B***tch." She told me that the only way to bring him home (we've been separated for one year) was for her to do a special ritual which was going to cost me anywhere from $380 to $480. I consulted a "Witchraft for Idiots," book and read that one musn't charge money for spells or rituals. If there really is a way to break this spell without causing harm to anyone, I'd appreciate some assistance. I'm not a witch, but I'd sure like to get my husband back. Our marriage started to fall apart 4 years ago..., very mysteriously!
  17. yeah, i've heard about this voodoo stuff, but is it really for people who believe in black magic or worship the devil? i've also heard that psychics worship the devil too, but why do so many people get their palms read, buy tarot cards, or read horoscopes? do a lot of people really do believe in voodoo and black magic? i heard this stuff is for eveil people, but then again, i could be wrong. can also refer to or read my post from a few months ago called "are you superstitious"?)
  18. Hi Forum. I am curious to know what are some strange "tactics" you have done to get back with an ex? I am asking because I know someone who resorted to having a "spell" cast on her ex lol. Some people believe in "signs". Like they notice all these things happening that somehow tie in with the ex. Some people use Astrology, or psychics. Has anyone felt so desperate they resorted to this type of behavior? What was the outcome? I thought this would be a fun subject, rather than so serious. To be fair...For me, I have done some pretty dumb things more than anything. I have resorted to "stalking"..calling, hanging up. Driving by...I always thought if I improved my appearance somehow they would fall all over me lol. Nope ..didn;t happen. Then I found this forum...t seems like the most sane thing I've tried so far. LOL
  19. Has any of you out there ever gone to a psychic for love advice? How was the experience? More importantly, how accurate were their predictions, especially those that deal with love/relationships? I went to two different psychics recently & got different predictions regarding a certain topic from both of them..Interestingly enough, neither of their predictions has come true. Just thought I get everyone's opinion on whether there might be some grain of truth / accuracy to psychic reading, or is it all just a big waste of time and money.. One thing I don't understand is how they're able to tell me about events that happened in the past to some degree of accuracy, but can't do as good of a job with future predictions..
  20. This is just a general question that I wanted to put out there. I wanted to see how many people believe...any experiences you'd like to share? wasnt sure where I should put this post, MIND, BODY and SPIRIT seemed appropriate. Have a great day!
  21. My boyfriends got back with his ex the only thing is she didnt want to get back with him before and she told him she is going travelling in a year and someone told me she was jealous of us together and just wanted him to be single. This might sound stupid but a fortune teller told me she promised him this and that which made him decide to give her another chance but she will not be able to comitt to him and they will fight and that he still misses me and that he will give another chance for me and i gave no information to the fortune teller. He wont regret giving it another go with her because he needed to get this out of his system and that he was a good guy but mixed up and that we will get to know each other better as we were only together 3 months and i should be more myself around him as i was hurt before and held back abit. So i dont know if i should trust what she says? help
  22. has anyone here ever felt curious about their future and decided to see a psychic? what is the experience like and did it change ur life? i am very curious about going, although i wouldnt like to know everything about my furture in a way that i would know what to expect,but i would like to know that things will turn out ok in the next year or so,,is this a good idea? what are peoples experiences
  23. Ok i'm so sorry, I know this is for advice for reality but I've tried all the "dream" sites and its about my crush, and my weird how do you say...psychic dream?... OK well I'm getting out of the car with a back pack with my best friend and her mother... we go around a house that looks familiar to me as we get inside from the back yard we go in My friends mom sits on the couch then begins to watch tv. I notice that its my crush's house I ask "why are we here, were going to get caught" Her mother says "relax look around were not going to get caught" I follow my friend up the stairs who goes into his twin brothers room (somehow I know who's room is who's) i go into my crush's room that has posters on the door (such as the O.C and Emeime) I look in seeing his bed in the middle with no pillow just a messy bed with a thin sheet on top also with black pants. Clothes are everywhere a gray sweater and come t-shirts A light goes off like a strobe light it was light blue make posters appear on the wall. out of the big window on the other side of the room I see my crush pull into the drive-way I run down stairs to tell my friend and her mom to get out hes here but they were nowhere in sight i see the door slowly open... as I wake up. That morning I see him in my 2nd period... he was wearing the black pants that were on the bed and the gray sweater that was on the floor... I think this is really freaky I need some adivce of what you think this means because i'm so confused. Thank you for taking the time to read this and help me out. -Club33
  24. hey does anyone believe in these and if so do you believe you have any? I believe i am a bit of an empath. but it hink that everyone has this ability it was just nutured out of me. my parents are strong believers so i grew up thinking i could do anything with it. psychic energy i mean.
  25. Ok...So I'm up all night tonight about 3 weeks after a break up and it's now morning. unfortunately I have to go to work in about 3 hours but I found this site and thought what the heck. I met a guy about 4 mos ago that I spent the entire summer with. He was great 13 years older than me and single without kids like myself. I didn't know however he was rebounding but had a slight suspicion when his ex moved a bedroom suite out of his house (I didn't even know he had an ex...but he said she was moving it out because her floors were getting refinished). Ok...so I tell him to let me know if he is rebounding because I don't want to get hurt...(& i did hold back...but apparently not enough or I wouldn't be here would I lol Well.....I had other (kind of stupid) things going on.....One reason I really liked him was he was kind of fulfilled something a Psychic...who is known to be TRUE in these parts told me about. I was told I'd meet a guy with his first name...who was 13 years older than me with his body description and marry him.... The crazy thing about all of this is that this same psychic told 2 of my friends who their husbands would be and it came true. Another crazy thing was that I thought this guy was only 11 years older than me (because of a typo...or the fact he fibbed...) but I would have NEVER went out with anyone 13 years older than me (I laughed at the psychic when he told me this at the age of 23 ...I'm now 31) Anyhow....the last night I saw him He told me he thought he was still in love with his ex (....I figured)....then I told him he was screwing up big time and was making the biggest mistake of his life (because I'm great of course). He said he had thought that a couple of times. Then I told him the psychic story....and how i was never going to tell him but it had bothered me and I wanted him to hear the damn crazy story too! He rolled his eyes a couple of times....but we were both frustrated. Anyhow.....I just keep hoping he calls me and I know I shouldn't email him right now....(probably get more heartache...) but I want to. Does anyone think he will call again.....we did have fun together for the summer and he does have his ex hanging around again....do you all think I was just a rebound (He did keep telling me he missed me...but that looks like common bull these dumpers say out here from what I'm reading in posts).... Geezzzzz .....why does all of this just have to be so hard
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