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All the world's a stage?!? Hopeing for some "Mod" imput too.

Posting EXACT correspondence on ENA  

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  1. 1. Posting EXACT correspondence on ENA

    • I don't see anything wrong with it
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    • I'm so unhappy that I don't care anyway

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One thing has been bothering me a little about ENA: A person's right to privacy.


Often, or sometimes at least, I see posts that consist of "cut and pastes" of actual emails between lovers or ex-lovers or wannabe lovers or whatever. Additionally people post exact transcripts of Text message exchanges.


Isn't this a total violation of the other persons right to privacy? When they wrote those emails etc, they weren't writing them with the expectation that they would be posted for any and all to see on the internet.


This seems really unfair to me. I would be absolutely mortified to find that someone had posted my personal business on here or anywhere without my express permission.


I've no problem with "coles notes" versions of exchanges posted - after all the poster is trying to find answers. Or a "he said, she said" kind of thing. But I'm really bothered by pages of personal correspondence verbatim

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There are two factors - anonymity and privacy. The person who wrote that e-mail or text, their privacy will be violated, but as long as their picture isn't up or there is not any indication of who they are - they are still anonymous. They won't have to worry about being found out, but it does violate their privacy.

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I never even thought about it before, I know I'd be upset if someone posted a personal e-mail or message on the internet for anyone to see. I also don't like it when people use names on this site, especially when it's talking about an ex in a bad light. How would you feel if you ever found that about yourself.

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I don't think this has any legal issues. I wonder why people do it and why they would ever post it. What makes me cringe is when people writer about people and write their first and last names.. eek! all you need is a bit off google-searching and you can be directed to this page.


I'm not too fussed about the privacy of it. I think a lot of the FOIP rules and then people sueing over things like that has gone overboard.

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Isn't this a total violation of the other persons right to privacy?


If I look at the actual privacy laws in my country (and I suspect in most) information is only an issue (in terms of privacy breaches) where an individual can be identified.


We never allow information that may lead to the identity of unwitting third parties to be made public here.

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CO -


Good point and I agree. I have put up one line short quotes as in a couple of instances, paraphrasing the sentence lost it's impact, but I am uncomfortable about the idea of long quotes, cut and pastes of depth, etc.


I am uncomfortable reading them when others put them up. I usually leave with the post unread in many cases or at times only skim the highlight and make a comment.

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But then you have pictures up?


I think he means other people's names but you make a good point. If you post a photo of yourself and then post intimate details about, say, your girlfriend....then there is a chance someone will make the connection. That's why we always tell people to be careful about what they want out there.

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Good question! I'd vote in the poll but I have thought about it before, lol.


I think that bijoux27 made a great point about the difference between anonymity and privacy. As long as there is a buffer between the 'real' world and the 'online' world, it's pretty much anything goes for online content. In my mind the problem with posting too much detail online is that you really run the risk of providing a bridge between those worlds, and thus opening up yourself and your friends/family to the loss of anonymity. The content online is so sensitive that an anonymity breach could have serious consequences for relationships, jobs, etc.


Ironically, I think that the poster is more at risk than the person s/he is posting about. I especially don't like it when I see transcripts because they provide such a perfect link between the real and the online worlds. Do a google search for a block of exact text, and OOPS, there's an ENA link, and OOPS, there goes your anonymity. Game over.

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I personally don't see anything wrong with it.


Now if someone posted a conversation and said this is from my ex Marc Duke from Sarasota Fl...then I see how that it invading one's privacy. (I made up that name by the way! haha)


Most users here are anonymous, and people here are from all over the world, so chances are if someone posts a conversation of some sort nobody would know who it is from anyway..


and if someone posted a conversation word for word on a forum between me and them, I personally wouldn't care since I wouldn't know anyone on the forum.

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If one of my friends saw this site I'd kind of feel like a loser but I wouldn't really care. One of my friends already knows about it because I left it up on my laptop. It's not a big deal though, she knows everything I've ever posted. I don't really hide what I do online. It's just if my ex found this site because then id be embarrased. Even then it's not like I'd be humiliatated or anything, I'd just rather people not know that I go on a help forum because they would think thats just very...not me? I guess

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I think it's fine as long as they get rid of names, emails, etc.


When they send out an email, they can't expect you not to show anyone. I didn't tell my friends verbatim nor show them the email, but I told them about it for their opinions on it.


All of ENA is my friend.


Not to mention, i'd rather he tell people whom I didn't know about my email, then people I see all the time.

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Just google your username and see what happens. All anyone needs to know is that and they will find anything you have ever posted in a fourm, dating site or hhok up sites. There is no such thing as privacy when it comes to the internet.


True...but if you value anonymity, you won't use your ENA user name for anything else.

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