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no commitment until i feel i am ready. I am going on a 2nd date with this girl i met a week ago and it seems that she likes me a lot, like cant stop thinking about me a lot. The thing is i plan on going out to a club on friday with my friends and some girls. Now is it wrong for me to go to a club and dance with other girls and potentially meet other girls, and maybe date others too??


I believe that i should be able to date other girls until maybe i start getting intimate with the girl i am seeing now. Im just trying to get to know her but i feel like she is rushing for a relationship or something.


Now say i hold hands with this girl tomorrow or put my arm around her or maybe even kiss her. Does that mean i have to stop dating other girls? Thats really the only question i have.




Opinions and suggestions welcome

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I would suggest, one girl at a time. Any more than that and you are a player and it could backfire in your face. You can tell her now that you aren't looking for something serious and you want to keep the option open to date other girls, if she's ok with that, than fine. At least than you are allowing her to make a choice to continue pursueing you. I know it's only the 2nd date but she might be trying to get know you and it's not fair that you are trying to get to know other girls. Just be open with her. Tell her what you're looking for.. communication is very important when you first start dating.

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I think you should explore other people until you get into something committed. After only a couple dates, you can't know if there is relationship potential...well, you might realize there is no potential but if you are still not sure, you're not likely to be sure until you've been seeing each other for a few months.


In my book, it only becomes a committed relationship when both people talk about it and agree to it. Otherwise, you are both free to date other people. Kissing and holding hands doesn't make you a committed couple.

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