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cannot love my wife as a husband anymore


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I have been marry for 2 years, first six months fairly happy, the following time she start the aguing for any simple reason, she is a woman full of rules, bad attitudes, mentally and verbal abuser, I went to the point that I was afraid to see her coming home from her job knowing that she would find always a reason to argue with me, that has been in daily basis, always had an open communication and asked her to change her behavior, she went to see her counselor and was diagnosed with AHDH some kind of mental disorder very hard to live with, lost my sexual interest with her and I am ready to leave everything behind, to be on my own and be happy somewhere else, I am 55 years old (she is 45)and I see this deal like I am going to loose whatever years of life I have left to live.

I have been honest with her, telling her that I have lost my love as a husband for her, I think I have to go on with my life and give my self an oportunity to be happy with someone with less problems than that, she said to forgive her, that she realizes what she has done, that she will chage as much as she can to make our relationship to work, but I have lost interest of love and affection toward her already.

I do love her as a human bein, as a nice lady, as a wonderful person and without a doudt, as a good friend and I do not have any hard feelings for her in my heart.

Can anybody give me a good advice if there is anything that can be done to save this marriage?

To be honest, I do not see any way out and I do not have a problem to find someone else.

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It can be saved, but she has to change and you have to be willing to give her the opportunity for her to do that, and love her while you do. If she does change, realize she would do that only for you. If she is willing to change either give her that chance and really give it to ehr with an open heart and deisre to love her as a husband, or just give up on it now. You cannot ask her to change and then not be there if she does.

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