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caught in the act...don't know what to say or do

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Usually, I wait 5 mins before my boyfriend gets off work to pick up. Instead, I left 5 mins early. Parked the car. He wouldn't show. Right above my car I saw a window. He was kissing someone else. They were holding each other. It was emotional! I drove off and acted like I showed up the usual time. He was waiting in the same usual spot. Looked the same! It creeped me out. What was I supposed to do? Should I ask him who she was?


Should I wait until it happens again?


What if that was one of his girlfriends?


We have a kid together! He says he doesn't cheat on me. Never will. Bought me an engagement ring. Cries when he says that he doesn't see other woman.


How can guys love more than one???

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you need to make sure that maybe it wasn't him you could have been wrong. but if your sure u need to confront him and told him that you saw it all. ask him to explain and if you really love him and you think he loves you the way he says he does figure out how to make things better. if he doesn't maybe it is time to move on.

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I agree with what's been said so far, you deserve to know.


Present it calmly and you won't end up putting him so much on the defensive it turns into a full blown argument where you're going to feel you did something wrong.


Just tell him you were early and saw him in a lip lock with someone else - and ask him what's up with that. If he tries to dodge, stay calm, and just tell him you'd rather hear from him in his words than have to hear something from someone else, but you do deserve to know the truth, and wouldn't he prefer to come clean with you than be at the mercy of someone else's version?


The calmer you are, the more his reactions are going to be to WHAT you're saying, there won't be any strong emotion coming from you to react to - you'll be able to tell if he's really coming clean or not.

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