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Found 9 results

  1. My boyfriend and I have been dating for nearly 4 years. We have a son together and are saving for a house. We’re also happy in our relationship. Seven months ago we bought an engagement ring (I picked it out). It’s been sitting in his drawer since then. We’ve talked about the proposal and the only thing I’ve told him is I want it to be private. Well, yesterday he attempted to propose. He put no thought into it. His family is visiting from out of town and thought he’d use them as a sitter for our son. He took me for a walk on the bay. You couldn’t see the water and stopped me beside a huge drainage ditch. He asked me if he could ask me a question and I responded with not today. I feel like I deserve something with a little thought. I also thought if he has been saving it for that long that he would make it special. I don’t expect something grand but something better than that. Just wondering someone else’s thoughts.
  2. Hi, Let's say you have been dating a guy and during Valentine's Day he proposes to you with an engagement ring but you think he is still not the one yet or that you are not ready for it yet. What would you do? What would you say?
  3. My fiancee and I have had a short engagement. I never really wanted a long one making big wedding plans because we just want to elope kinda. Him and I were both people who never planned on getting married until we met, especially me. We were going back and forth about an engagement ring for a few months, one day id want one and the next I wouldn't. One day he'd want so bad to get me one, even if I refused and the next he'd say it's stressing him out and it's not brought up for some time. As of lately I have wanted one soooo bad, and he knows this. I was in love with the idea of one but was also embarrassed to risk being rejected one. Last week he went to go visit some family, and he's really close to his sister n law. She told him how important the engagement ring is to a woman and to get me one. He was all for it and so proud to get me one, he said "I get paid Friday, we'll get you your ring". He wanted me to pick one out so I could get exactly what I wanted and he gave me a budget on how much he could afford ( which wasn't much but I didn't mind). Most of our conversations were him saying he knows how happy ill be when I get my ring and just acting really proud about getting me one. I went online and talked to a few people and found the right one in his budget. Thursday night/ Friday morning we got in an argument, nothing to do with a ring. Later that day I text him "do i still get me ring?" he said yes of course and "that is why I've been working so many hours to get your ring". I sent him pics of the one I picked out then it was never really brought up again. I was never given the okay to order it with his cc#. Few days later i sent him my morning text mentioning that "I really really really want to get my ring today". No response, even when we talked on the phone it's like the text was never sent. He tells me later that he might lose his job. I know there has been big problems at work but honestly his behavior at work isn't so great so he's not trying his best to keep it. So I say "good thing i didn't order that ring", once again no response, it's like it never happened. I didn't want to sound selfish but I really wanted my ring, I felt stupid and embarrassed for even thinking I would ever get one. yesterday he mentions he might have another job lined up in case he gets fired. I say "Oh if you get it can I get my ring?" NO RESPONSE! Later that night on the phone he tells me how stressed he is about getting married and me bringing up the ring when he gets a new job. Now I feel even more stupid and almost worthless. That was our last conversation. I don't know what to do....? I feel so dumb now for even wanting one because I was so against marriage before. I don't want to sound selfish but he worked hard and lots of hours so I could get a ring. It's important to me and I want him to know I am upset and it's not okay for him to lash out about the ring or wedding planning (which isnt hardly anything). I almost want to put off getting married so I could maybe actually enjoy being engaged. I feel like I currently can't be excited about it. I feel like I i'm not allowed to want a ring. It would be different if he talked to me about it, about how he can't get it right now and we'll get me one when he can. I don't know if any of that makes sense but it's how I feel. I know if I say I want to put off the weeding he's going to get upset, if I confront him about how we should be able to plan this with out him stressing out and saying "you are cramming it down my throat" he'll be upset too. It's like either way I lose. Has anyone else gone through this? Does anyone have advice? I don't want to just not bring it up again and ignore the whole thing, but it hurts my feelings, last week I was getting an engagment ring and now I am not and I didn't do anything w
  4. My boyfriend and I have been dating for 1 year and 3 months. Recently we have discussed buying land together and then building a house on the land after a short while. I think this is a good idea and we both agree on the area that we would like to live. I don’t believe in living together until we are engaged. He agrees with me on this, but thinks we should buy land together before we are engaged. I’m not too sure however I’m leaning on the idea that such a big financial decision needs an equally big commitment such as an engagement. His thinking is more pragmatic and he thinks that all our money should go into the deposit then he will take some time to save up for an engagement ring then get engaged before we start to build the house. He likes this idea because it allows us to have a bigger deposit and then gives him time to save up for a diamond engagement ring. I on the other hand care very little about having a pricey engagement ring and am more concerned with having a very stable commitment before you make a huge financial commitment and decide on where you will live together. Please feel free to add your thoughts and advice.
  5. Ever since my Ol lady 1st accused me of cheating after 1 hitch, then went on a 3 day rampage of gripin at me after the next hitch, then after the next hitch me spending all but 2 nights at my house w/ her coming over for a few hours in the afternoon to eat supper and watch a movie and basically no sexual interaction since duck season (January for the non hunters) and much time thinkin about things I don't see but one thing left to do. After her 3 day tirade I took several steps back and re evaluated the situation. I know what I stand to loose, which is her daughter who I love with all my heart, and we will have to work out custody of Coal bc we are all attached to him. The only good thing I can see coming out of this is I can prolly trade her engagement ring in on a pretty nice 16/48 or 16/54 w/ hopefully a 25 or better on the back of it.
  6. Hi. My fiancé is no longer wearing her engagement ring. She said she took all her jewelry off at work as she was cleaning the office but it’s never gone back on. She used to freak out if she forgot to put her watch on and if she forgot to put her engagement ring on she would panic thinking she lost it and was anxious until we got home. Tonight we were at dinner and I noticed she still wasn’t wearing it so I asked. She said they were in her wallet which was less than 2 inches away. She still didn’t put it on. I left it and mentioned something when we got home and she got defensive saying she can’t believe that I actually said something, she doesn’t have to wear it all the time (which I understand she doesn’t have to all the time), that she’s now used to not wearing it and told me to get over it. I sat there shocked. She made no attempt to put it on. Still in her wallet allegedly. I haven’t checked, not that type of person to snoop. It’s literally been a complete 180 in a matter of a couple of weeks. Am I overthinking this or should I genuinely be worried? Thanks!
  7. Quite simple really, my partner and I are 41, been together 3 years and live together with 4 children [between us] She's a nurse in palliative care, she's f*cking hardcore. She takes her rings off every day. I dont think she wants a big showy ring but then this doesnt happen every day. Looked online and spent about as much time looking for a ring as I would on Amazon buying socks. So tell me, do I go for a £500 ring or go all in for a really nice one?
  8. As many know, I ended a 1.5 year relationship several months ago. I'm over the relationship, but I'm not over the ring that I had found that I wanted to wear as an engagement ring. It's a gorgeous stone, not a diamond, and not nearly as expensive. I absolutely fell in love with this particular stone, and I saved many different styles of it, and of course, big brother being who he is (lol), ads keep popping up on my pages. I've found a very similar ring of the same stone, and I can't keep my eyes off of it. It's not an engagement ring but rather a cocktail ring type style. I would wear it on a different finger, and it's just so beautiful. I even tried it on yesterday. If it was only, say, $50, I'd just get it, but it's enough more that it requires more thought. This has nothing to do with my recent relationship, as I'm completely done with that. As I've written, he attempted to come back a few weeks ago, and I gave him a flat "no", with no regrets. This has to do with this gorgeous stone that I didn't even know existed until now. I even had a dream last night that we got back together, and that he pulled more of his same nonsense, and I was so disgusted in the dream that I broke up with him all over again, lol. I woke up, and I was like, whew, so glad that wasn't real life. It would sort of be a "love" present to myself. Is this stupid, or should I do it?
  9. I have been a very inactive and sporadic poster to these forums for quite some time. I have missed these forums and many of its posters and so I think I will maintain a journal as a means of clearing my head. A small update for those interested -- I am a few years into my professional career in accounting and finance, I am licensed, and I am putting some money away every paycheck to build a fund for an engagement ring. I have been dating my girlfriend for about a year and a half now and we live together. She is everything I could have ever wanted in a woman. She is funny, vibrant, intelligent (surgical resident), ambitious, fiercely independent but fiercely loyal. She is also very beautiful, strikingly so. There are many aspects of my life where the use of the word "luck" would start a quarrel with me, but this is not one of them. I am lucky to have met her and to have my love for her returned in equal force. It didn't feel right to resurrect an older journal because it would be the continuity of something that no longer reflects my reality. The PTH in those threads will have said and done things that are no longer representative of my thoughts or feelings. It felt smarter to start something new here. More to come.
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