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She can't sleep after a good session


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Sure, it's happened. Did she say anything about it?


She probably just needed something more than sleep at that time. I think it's better to see and fill the need than to try and make oneself sleep.


Sometimes, wanted food. Or to go out. Or to laugh and talk. Or a shower.


There are so many possibilities!


I don't find it weird, or a problem, unless she simply can't relax period. The ever awake energizer woman?


Then, different story. Different possibilities.

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I also cannot fall asleep after sex. It doesn't matter if I orgasm once, 5 times or not at all. I'm usually up a good 3 hours or more.....I usually just take advantage of it to get some stuff done that I can't do during the day with the kids around, like mop the kitchen and wood floors

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Last night my girlfriend must have came atleast 10 times. She has a hard time going to sleep after a good session. Do any other women have a problem going to sleep after a bunch of orgasms, if so what helps you sleep?




No. i am the opposite! It makes me pass out! ..but everyone is different. Maybe it's because her heart is racing and she's not relaxed.


But if I can't sleep some things that help me are drinking herbal tea, taking a hot bubble bath with lavender, reading and watching tv.

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I have the exact same problem...I am often wide awake after sex til 4, 5 even 6 am after sex. Unlike other posts here, I have no stress, or other issues.....just wide awake after sex. Its frustrating...HE wants to cuddle and fall a sleep...but I cant stay still and pretend to be tired...not just tired but soo awake its annoying.


I feel her pain. Wish there was a cure ormedication to help me sleep after sex.

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I guess it depends on the lady, I guess. Some are ready to hit the hay right after a good session, others may be up for a while. I'm honestly not sure if it has anything to do with ejaculation or not, but I don't think we can guess from that alone if she "had one" or not.


Do you guys have a good "cool down" time? Maybe rub lotion on her back and play some soft music. It will help relax her and prepare her for going to sleep.


My boyfriend and I usually like to make out before we sleep (no orgasm). I notice that on nights we do, I go to sleep better and much faster. I'm not sure why that it is but I do. I'm guessing it may comfort me in some ways.

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