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  1. I realize hiring an attorney is the way to go, maybe I wasn't clear. I wanted to know in my situation, is there a rule of thumb on what percentage should I leave to my kids vs new wife (if that happens).
  2. I've got 3 kids (youngest 30) and she's got 3 kids (youngest 20), we're talking about getting Married and I wanted to know if there's a rule of thumb for leaving money/retirement/property etc. Neither one of us own any property at the moment. I will have a decent retirement in a couple years, she doesn't have a retirement but her Dad will leave her a small inheritance. My retirement system doesn't recommend leaving your retirement to your kids because of the cost. To leave her my retirement, it would cost about $300 per month off of my unmodified benefit vs about $900 off of my unmodified
  3. Right now and going forward, I'm not going to worry about it...
  4. I absolutely trust her and the phone call is forgotten as of right now...
  5. Nothing is going on. In fact, if it was a guy, then I would still think nothing was going on. Just wanted to know if I should be concerned or not. Let me ask this...Should I be able to ask her who it was without offending her? If the situation was reversed, it wouldn't bother me a bit, if she asked who it was...
  6. She's done absolutely nothing inappropriate.
  7. Ok, so, I've been seeing this woman for 5 months, it's the best relationship ever, our chemistry is through the roof. We were coming back late from a show last week and we were in her car. It was about 11:30 pm and she got a call, I saw the number on the GPS, but there was no name. She declined the call and we kept talking. I didn't think anything at the time, but now I'm wondering if some guy was calling her that late. Would I be out of line to ask her who it was?
  8. I am relaxed and I do trust her judgement.
  9. I hear you, but the ex has been physically abusive and very verbally abusive, so I just don't like the fact that she may be subjected to that. I know she can stand up for herself, I just can't stand bullies!
  10. Ok, I just got off the phone with her and she told me, not to be mad or upset because I won't be invited to her son's birthday dinner at a restaurant this Saturday because her ex is going to be there and since we've never met, she doesn't think it's the best time to introduce me to him because of the intimate setting. I guess he's not bring his girlfriend either out of respect for my girlfriend, not sure why, he's been living with her for over a year . I understand, but I'm very disappointed because I feel like I'm being cheated out of spending time with her and her son on this special day.
  11. Exactly, we've been back together since 2-20-16.
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