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well girly here is what i have to say, it is your body and if it hurts you gotta let him know. it is every persons right to say no. if he cant respect that then there is something wrong. it can be conciderd abuse if you look at that way it. i cant tell you to break up with him because its not my place its your follow your heart and mind you'll do the right thing. learn to say no again its you body.

cut him off maybe he will learn to respect you and your body. sex isnt always fun and games remember that.

i wish you the best


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Whoa, that's serious. ANYONE who treatens your life is SERIOUS. Sex, is important in a relationship it really is, but Sex that hurts ... just isn't enjoyable! This is terrible. You need to tell your family, and DO NOT CALL HIM!!! anything. because you need to get away fast!!!! That is emotional abuse! Love isn't like that babe. Love is someting great, feeling on top of the world. Talk to Someone. Tell the Police. He is risking your life! Get HELP! fast!

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